Posted on Nov 14, 2013

Hyundai Vision Hall: Red Dot Design Award as a Triumph of Innovation

Unveiling the Accolades

Celebrate a triumphant moment at the heart of Hyundai Motor Group University, Mabuk Campus. The Vision Hall Media Wall clinches three RED DOT DESIGN AWARDS. Filmmaker and photographer Nils Clauss, through his lens, captures the essence of this groundbreaking achievement. Immerse yourself in the visual journey, where innovation meets recognition.

Vision Hall: A Confluence of Art and Technology

Nestled within the human resources development center of Hyundai Motor Group, Vision Hall stands as a testament to cutting-edge design. The hall’s state-of-the-art features, including a 3D sound system boasting 36 channels and a media wall spanning 24 x 3.5 meters, create an immersive experience. With interactive content displaying up to 48K resolution across 730 micro-tiles, Vision Hall fosters an ongoing dialogue between the company and its employees.

The Red Dot Design Awards: A Prestigious Honor

The Red Dot Design Award, an esteemed international competition, recognizes excellence in product and industrial design. Hyundai Motor Group’s Vision Hall Media Wall earned accolades in three categories: BEST EVENT DESIGN, BEST INTERACTIVE FILM & BEST CORPORATE FILM. Since 1955, this award has been a symbol of design distinction, attracting submissions from around the globe.

Cinematic Detail: Nils Clauss at the Helm

Filmmaker and photographer Nils Clauss, based in Seoul, skillfully captured the captivating visuals that supported Hyundai Motor Group’s award application. His lens documented the innovative features of Vision Hall. Also it brought to life the collaborative work with Universal Everything and Do Ho Suh.

Universal Everything: Shaping Digital Art

Founded in 2004 by Creative Director Matt Pyke, Universal Everything has been at the forefront of digital art and design. Collaborating with global brands, including Chanel, Intel, and Samsung, the studio’s moving image identity for the London Olympic Games 2012 remains iconic. The synergy between Universal Everything’s creativity and Hyundai’s innovation takes center stage at Vision Hall.

Exploring the Design Landscape

As we delve into this blog post, take a moment to explore the intricate details of Vision Hall’s design. Each photograph and video, meticulously captured by Nils Clauss, narrates the story of collaboration, innovation, and recognition. The journey from the halls of Hyundai Motor Group University to the Red Dot stage is one of artistic brilliance and technological marvel.