Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Exploring European Architectural Photography Prize on “Second Viewing” in Gelsenkirchen

The European Architectural Photography Prize, hosted by the Stuttgart-based charity foundation “Architekturbild” in collaboration with the German Architecture Museum, has been a beacon of artistic significance since 1995. The competition focuses on exploring the built environment, diverging from the commercial trends seen in architectural photography.

In the Spotlight | Focus of Attention

In 2013, the 10th edition centered around “In the Spotlight | Focus of Attention,” drawing 175 participants globally. Frank Bayh & Steff Rosenberger-Ochs clinched the first prize with their series “The Development of New Neighborhoods in the Heart of the City.” Noteworthy mentions included Stanislaw Chomicki and Nadia Pugliese. Witness the top 28 photo series in the group exhibition.

Der zweite Blick | Second Viewing

Celebrating the 10th anniversary, the exhibition “Der zweite Blick | Second Viewing” showcases selected works from 1995 to 2011. Nils Clauss’s award-winning series “Urban Nature,” honored in 2011, is among the highlighted pieces. Both exhibitions grace the Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen, Germany, from April 10 to June 21.

About the “European Architectural Photography Prize”

The prestigious “architekturbild” European Architectural Photography Prize, established in 1995, stands among the most coveted awards globally. Held every two years, the competition welcomes entries worldwide, emphasizing a new theme each edition. Organized by architekturbild e.v. since 2003, in partnership with the German Architecture Museum since 2008, the prize acknowledges the top 28 entries, including a 1st prize and two 2nd prizes.

The Science Park Experience

The exhibitions unfold within the Wissenschaftspark, a creation by the architects Kiessler + Partner, Munich. This science park, adorned with architectural acclaim, was awarded the “German Architecture Prize 1995.” The park’s design, recognized at the International Real Estate Fair in Cannes (MIPIM 1995), incorporates an English park landscape with a lake, serving as a local recreation area in Gelsenkirchen’s city center.

Discover the artistic journey of architectural photography at the European Architectural Photography Prize exhibitions, a blend of creativity and cultural exploration. Explore the works that redefine perspectives on the built environment.