Posted on Apr 20, 2012

Spotlight on ‘Hooked’: The Award-Winning Short Film Cinematographed by Nils Clauss part of Official Vimeo Award Selection

Delve into the mesmerizing narrative of ‘Hooked‘. Hooked is an award-winning short film directed by filmmaker Stuart Howe and brought to life through the skilfull cinematography of Nils Clauss. Join us as we explore the journey of this gripping drama and its achievements on the international stage.

The Success of ‘Hooked’

Exciting news echoed through the film industry when ‘Hooked’ earned acclaim as a finalist in the Narrative category at the Vimeo 2012 Awards in New York. Your support is invaluable as we seek votes for our film until April 30th. The film’s recognition culminated with its selection by esteemed judges Gabriel Bisset-Smith and James Franco. Stay tuned as we eagerly await the announcement of finalists on June 1st. The winner will be unveiled at the Vimeo Awards show in New York on June 7th.

Exploring the Narrative

‘Hooked’ intricately weaves the tale of Jaeseung, grappling with profound pain and disillusionment. Directed by filmmaker Stuart Howe, the film immerses viewers in Jaeseung’s world as he confronts past traumas, seeking solace amidst tragedy. Each scene unfolds with raw emotion, drawing audiences into a compelling narrative of loss and redemption.

Nils Clauss’s Cinematography

At the heart of ‘Hooked’ lies the evocative cinematography by Nils Clauss. His keen eye and skillful framing capture the essence of Jaeseung’s journey, infusing each frame with depth and emotion. Clauss’s lens transports the audience into the heart of the story, allowing them to experience every moment with visceral intensity.

Accolades and Recognition

‘Hooked’ has garnered widespread acclaim. It first won Best Drama at The Smalls International Film Festival. Then ‘Hooked’ garnered further recognition by being selected at prestigious events like Hollywood Shorts. The film’s success is a testament to its compelling storytelling and Clauss’s impeccable cinematography, which have captivated audiences worldwide.

Behind the Scenes

Under the direction of filmmaker Stuart Howe and produced by Jucho Park, ‘Hooked’ is a collaborative triumph that showcases the talents of its dedicated team. Nils Clauss’s cinematography serves as the backbone of the film’s visual narrative, complemented by the stellar sound design of Jusuk Lee and seamless editing by Stuart Howe.


As we bid farewell to the world of ‘Hooked,’ we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the support that has propelled this film to success. Nils Clauss’s cinematography has left an indelible mark on the narrative, underscoring his talent as a director of photography, filmmaker, and photographer based in Seoul, South Korea.