Posted on Aug 1, 2016

Bikini Words Premieres at Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival 2016 – A Cinematic Journey by Seoul-Based Filmmaker Nils Clauss

Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network proudly presents BIKINI WORDS by Nils Clauss. It is a compelling short film that has secured a coveted spot at the prestigious Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival 2016. Following its triumphant win as the Best Short Documentary at the Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2016, BIKINI WORDS continues to captivate audiences globally.

BIKINI WORDS Shines at Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival

As one of the select few chosen for the Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival, BIKINI WORDS takes center stage. Through a linguistic journey the documentary unfolds the intense industrialization of Korea’s 1970s and 1980. The film delves into the creation of a unique vocabulary, providing names to the transformative aspects of urbanized life.

James Bradley Commends BIKINI WORDS’ Impact

James Bradley, Co-Director, and Co-Founder of Lift-Off Film Festival, commends the film’s inclusion, stating, “Getting into any Lift-Off Film Festival is a massive achievement. The world of independent film has grown so much over the years that it leaves many grassroots filmmakers and emerging professionals without much of a platform. We believe that many overlook these artists who produce exceptional work, and they truly deserve to be seen! Our judges are rigorous, and we are quickly building a reputation for finding true undiscovered talent.”

BIKINI WORDS: A Global Cinematic Journey

After conquering Liverpool, Bikini Words is now ready to entertain audiences at the upcoming Lift-Off festival events in Los Angeles (September). Following that, the film will make its mark in Amsterdam (October), Singapore (Late October), Sydney (November), and London (December). This journey signifies a testament to the film’s artistic prowess. It demonstrates its ability to resonate with diverse audiences across the globe.

Nils Clauss Unveils South Korea’s Linguistic Evolution

The film invites viewers to explore the linguistic evolution that unfolded within the lives of South Korean factory workers. Moreover, Nils Clauss, a seasoned filmmaker based in Seoul, sheds light on this linguistic development in his latest work. By choosing 8 words as focal points, Clauss seamlessly takes audiences on a cinematic journey through South Korea’s disappearing spatial past.

Save the Date: Bikini Words Screening Details

BIKINI WORDS will grace the screens on August 1, 2016, from 17:00 to 18:30 at Vancity Theater – 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver, Canada. Tickets for this exclusive screening are available for purchase on the Lift-Off Tickets platform.

Celebrate Independent Cinema with BIKINI WORDS

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the convergence of artistry and documentary storytelling in BIKINI WORDS. The film continues to make waves on the global film festival circuit. Come and join us in celebrating true independent cinema and the profound narratives that deserve to be heard.