Posted on Jan 9, 2017

Unveiling the Poetic Perspective on the Korean Ferry Tragedy: Last Letters’ Journey on Short of the Week

After securing a spot as SHORT OF THE WEEK‘s featured film, LAST LETTERS has now claimed a position among the Top 3 films of the month December. This recognition on the prestigious platform marks another milestone for the film that delves into the aftermath of the tragic Sewol ferry incident.

Setting the Stage: Last Letters’ Journey on Short of the Week

Each day, SHORT OF THE WEEK meticulously curates extraordinary films worldwide. LAST LETTERS has rightfully earned its place among the greatest and most innovative stories, as highlighted in Jason Sondhi’s monthly review, providing a comprehensive insight into this cinematic journey.

As a filmmaker deeply influenced by music, the importance of audio-visual synergy becomes evident. Having been an avid music collector, the director, driven by the desire to maintain his interest in music, seamlessly incorporates soundscapes into his creations. The URBAN ISLAND film, merging music by Sigur Rós with documentary visuals, was a pioneering experiment. In the case of LAST LETTERS, the collaboration with composer Levi Patel, especially SINCE LAST LETTERS, inspired a unique fusion – a delicate balance between a music video and a documentary. This blending of genres, characterized by Levi’s subtle compositions, breathes life into the emotional journey portrayed in the film.

The Tragedy Unveiled

On the ill-fated day of April 16, 2014, a ferry en route from Incheon to Jeju Island capsized, claiming 304 lives out of 476 passengers and crew. LAST LETTERS sheds light on the aftermath, following eight families who lost their loved ones, seamlessly blending documentary and fictional elements.

Exploring Unanswered Questions

Almost three years have passed since the Sewol ferry tragedy, leaving an indelible mark on Korea. Many families turned activists in dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the tragedy. Addressing the void left by investigative documentaries, LAST LETTERS takes a unique approach, focusing on the living spaces of the remaining family members.

A Cinematic Poem

Inspired by space and architecture, the film provides a poetic lens, steering away from hard facts that may incite anger. It aims to bring peace to the families, raising awareness internationally about this dark day in Korean history. As the families continue their quest for truth, abandoned by the Korean government, LAST LETTERS strives to give voice to their silent struggles.