Posted on Oct 30, 2013

Jodelehi: A Cinematic Exploration of Korean-Swiss Cultures

Nils Clauss, a cinematographer based in Seoul, contributed to the filming of the Korean segment of JODELEHI, a feature documentary directed by Swiss filmmaker Risa Chiappori. Currently in production and set for a summer 2014 release, this documentary offers a nuanced look at cultural integration through the art of yodelling.

Cinematic Collaboration: JODELEHI Overview

JODELEHI, directed by Risa Chiappori, is a unique documentary that delves into the life of a South Korean woman. After over thirty years in Switzerland, she has integrated herself into Swiss culture through the unexpected medium of yodelling. Cinematographer Nils Clauss captures the Korean part of this story, bringing a subtle visual narrative to the documentary.

A Cultural Journey Through Yodelling

At the heart of JODELEHI lies the tale of a South Korean woman who, over the years, has fully immersed herself in Swiss culture through yodelling. The documentary, directed by her daughter, explores the complexities of her mother’s passion for yodelling and the simultaneous denial of this cultural connection. Through a daughter’s eyes, the film seeks to unravel the nuances surrounding her mother’s unique integration.

Cinematography by Nils Clauss: Capturing the Essence

Nils Clauss, known for his skillful cinematography, brings a modest yet captivating visual style to the Korean part of JODELEHI. His lens delicately captures the emotions, landscapes, and cultural subtleties inherent in the protagonist’s journey.

Director’s Personal Quest: Risa Chiappori’s Vision

Director Risa Chiappori, with Swiss citizenship but born in Seoul, shapes JODELEHI with a blend of personal and cultural perspectives. Her academic background and experience contribute to the documentary’s depth, creating a cinematic exploration of cultural integration.

The Swiss Connection: Steff Bossert’s Role

While Nils Clauss captures the Korean narrative, Swiss cinematographer Steff Bossert is set to lens the Swiss part of JODELEHI. This collaboration promises a seamless fusion of cinematographic styles, enhancing the documentary’s narrative richness.

Risa Chiappori: A Filmmaker’s Profile

Risa Chiappori, born in Seoul in 1975, became a Swiss citizen in 1977. With a background in film and art history and studies in documentary film, she has worked as an independent filmmaker, video technician, and lecturer in Zurich.

JODELEHI: A Cinematic Blend of Cultures

In the hands of Risa Chiappori, Nils Clauss, and Steff Bossert, JODELEHI promises to be a cinematic exploration, uncovering the delicate threads connecting Korean and Swiss cultures through the unique lens of yodelling.