Posted on Sep 27, 2017

Last Letters: One Screen Finalist Documentary

In a significant achievement, LAST LETTERS has secured its place as a finalist in the documentary category of the One Screen Short Film Festival 2017. This poignant film dives into the emotional aftermath of the Sewol Ferry tragedy, offering a unique perspective on loss and resilience.

One Club and One Screen Festival

The One Screen Short Film Festival stands as a testament to creativity within the film and advertising community. As a finalist, LAST LETTERS shines under the spotlight, showcasing the convergence of film and advertising worlds on One Screen. The One Club for Creativity, renowned for its recognition of creative excellence, spearheads this festival, bringing together visionaries from various disciplines.

The Lineup and Competition

Amongst a formidable lineup of documentaries, LAST LETTERS stands alongside compelling films such as “NZINGHA,” “PERFECTLY NORMAL,” “THE UNBELIEVERS: BURNELL COTLON,” “THE QUIET MAN,” “THE UNFORGOTTEN,” “NEPAL: A FRAGILE STATE,” and others. The film competes in a strong documentary section, reflecting the depth and diversity of storytelling.

Event Details and Recognition

The awards ceremony, scheduled for October 17 at Sunshine Cinema in New York City, promises to be a memorable event. Attendees can secure their tickets to witness the acknowledgment of outstanding films, including LAST LETTERS. Following the screening, a networking reception provides an opportunity for interaction and celebration.

Unveiling the Tragedy in “LAST LETTERS”

LAST LETTERS delves into the tragic Sewol Ferry incident of April 16, 2014. Exploring the aftermath through the experiences of eight families who lost loved ones, the film combines documentary and fictional elements. It sheds light on the still unresolved tragedy, capturing the isolation felt by the families as they pose for incomplete family portraits.