Posted on Nov 2, 2018

Indie Memphis Showcasing Plastic Girls: A Unique Korean Perspective

Plastic Girls at Indie Memphis Film Festival

We are delighted to share the exciting news that PLASTIC GIRLS, the final installment of a captivating Korean trilogy, has been chosen to participate in the highly anticipated Documentary Shorts Competition at the prestigious INDIE MEMPHIS FILM FESTIVAL. Scheduled to unfold its cinematic wonders from November 1st to 5th in Memphis, Tennessee, INDIE MEMPHIS has garnered accolades as one of “The 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” and one of the “50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee,” according to MOVIE MAKER Magazine.

About Plastic Girls

As the concluding film of a Korea-related trilogy—preceded by BIKINI WORDS and LAST LETTERPLASTIC GIRLS maintains a strong thematic focus on space and architecture. However, each film stands out with its individual subject matter. , the quirkiest among the trilogy, explores unique Korean mannequins as a clever way to address gender issues without outright condemnation of society. For more insights, read a comprehensive interview on film blog DIRECTORS NOTES, delving into the ideas and the making of PLASTIC GIRLS.

PLASTIC GIRLS stands at the culmination of a trilogy that began with BIKINI WORDS and LAST LETTERS, each film sharing a thematic focus on space and architecture but diverging into distinct narratives. Among the trilogy, PLASTIC GIRLS emerges as the quirkiest, exploring the realm of unique Korean mannequins to cleverly address gender issues without outright societal condemnation. Dive deeper into the film’s creation and concepts by exploring a detailed interview on the renowned film blog, DIRECTORS NOTES.

Screening Times

PLASTIC GIRLS will screen along with the A LIFE ON THE LINE by Lea Suzuki, BABY BROTHER by Kamau Bilal, BLACK 14 by Darius Clark Monroe, MIEDO DE MONOS by Michael Arcos, NORMAN NORMAN by Sophy Romvari, SALTWATER  BAPTISM by Jared Callahan & Russell Sheaffer, THE DREAMER by Manjula Varghese and THE TRAVELER TAKAMURE by Jing Niu at the following date and venue:

Sat, Nov 3rd, 01:00 PM at Theatreworks @ The Square – 2085 Monroe Ave, Memphis TN 38104

For more information about screening times, venues and the festival in general, please visit the INDIE MEMPHIS FILM FESTIVAL website.