Posted on Jun 26, 2012

Capturing Seoul’s Essence: Nils Clauss, an Abroad-based Artist, Spotlighted in DESIGNNET Magazine

In the latest edition of DESIGNNET’s print magazine (Vol. 177, June 2012, p. 36-41), the spotlight falls on cinematographer, director of photography, filmmaker and photographer Nils Clauss. This special feature presents an insightful interview and showcases a selection of Clauss’s photography and film work. Join us as we explore South Korea through the lens of this Seoul based artist.

Unveiling Seoul’s Charm

In the bustling streets of South Korea’s capital, Nils Clauss finds inspiration in the urban culture of Seoul. Through his lens, he captures the city’s essence, blending tradition and modernity, but also spotting what stands out as being unique. Clauss’s attention to detail and use of light breathe life into his photographs, offering a glimpse into Seoul’s soul.

Interview Highlight

In an interview with Korean print magazine DESIGNNET, Nils Clauss shares his journey as a cinematographer and photographer based in Seoul. From his early influences to his creative process, Clauss provides insights into his artistic vision and storytelling approach. Discover the stories behind the images as Clauss discusses his experiences capturing Seoul’s landscape.

Exploring Cultural Identity

Clauss’s work often explores cultural identity within urban settings. Through his photography, he seeks to uncover the connections between people and their surroundings. Clauss’s images invite viewers to contemplate Seoul’s diverse tapestry of life.

Clauss’s photography celebrates Seoul’s diverse urban landscape. Each image, whether it is a portrait or architecture, reflects the city’s colors, textures, and emotions. Whether documenting daily life or architectural spaces, Clauss’s work offers a fresh perspective on Seoul.

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude our journey through Nils Clauss’s lens, we appreciate his dedication to capturing Seoul’s essence through space and architecture. DESIGNNET’s feature provides insight into Clauss’s work, inspiring us to see the world with a new perspective. Through his photography, Clauss invites us to explore and appreciate Seoul’s urban landscape in a unique way.