Posted on Nov 21, 2012

Urban Island Premiere: A Cinematic Journey at Premiers Courts Film Festival in France

The French international film festival, PREMIERS COURTS, is set to feature URBAN ISLAND in its official program on November 21st. This captivating work, a cross-over of music video and documentary by Seoul based filmmakers Nils Clauss and Namhui Park, unfolds against the backdrop of the song VARÚÐ by Icelandic band SIGUR RÓS. The film portrays a poignant image of a homeless man in his forties. He has navigated the harsh streets of Seoul for over eight years.

Cinematic Exploration: Urban Island Project

URBAN ISLAND dives into the hardships of a homeless individual challenging societal norms. Documenting the life of a man living on the streets of Seoul, the film challenges prejudices against those on the margins of society. The little park near Yongsan Station becomes a symbolic space for both escape and exclusion. It illustrates the struggles faced by the homeless.

Collaborative Craftsmanship: Clauss and Park Duo

In collaboration with Namhui Park as a director duo, Clauss’ undertook multiple roles. Co-directing the film with Park, he also served as the cinematographer. During post-production he finalized the film as an editor and colorist. The film premiered at the group exhibition at CULTURE STATION SEOUL 284. Additionally, it secured a spot on the shortlist for the 2013 Film Grant Award of “THE MANUEL RIVERA-ORTIZ FOUNDATION FOR DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM.”

Musical Echoes: Sigur Rós’ Contribution

The ethereal sound of Sigur Rós adds a unique dimension to the narrative. Renowned for their post-rock compositions, the band’s music enhances the emotional depth of URBAN ISLAND. Jónsi’s falsetto vocals and the band’s distinct style contribute to the film’s atmospheric impact.

French Stage: Premiers Courts Film Festival

On November 21st, join us at the Premiers Courts Film Festival for the screening of Urban Island. Immerse yourself in the intersection of documentary and music video, a portrayal of the stark realities faced by Seoul’s homeless, accompanied by the soul-stirring melodies of Sigur Rós.