Posted on Dec 1, 2017

Seoul Gender Documentary: Exploring PLASTIC GIRLS with Nils Clauss

Welcome to the captivating world of PLASTIC GIRLS, the final installment of a Korean shorts trilogy. Join me, Nils Clauss, a cinematographer and director based in Seoul. Together with Nils we delve into the unique narrative of this gender documentary.

Featured on Directors Notes

Following BIKINI WORDS and LAST LETTERS, PLASTIC GIRLS is now featured on Directors Notes, a platform dedicated to independent filmmakers. MarBelle praises the critical exploration of the link between commerce and the sexualization of public space in my interview. He reveals the continual experimentation and redefinition of documentary filmmaking rules.


PLASTIC GIRLS, a quirky short documentary, showcases unique Korean mannequins, addressing gender issues without condemning society. To watch the film and explore the in-depth interview on Directors Notes, follow this link.

The Trilogy’s Unique Approach

Continuing the Korean trilogy’s focus on space and architecture, PLASTIC GIRLS stands out with its unique subject matter. It follows a thoughtful audio-visual approach. Blending documentary and fiction, it sheds light on gender issues within the context of the sexualization of public space.

Observations on Gender Equality

Having lived in South Korea since 2005, I’ve confronted significant gender disparities. As a foreigner, navigating cultural differences led me to understand the deep roots of societal structures. PLASTIC GIRLS aims to make a global statement on gender inequality. It focuses on the sexualization of public space as a concern beyond Korean borders.

Creating Awkwardness for Reflection

While the film references Korean society, it intends to create a certain awkwardness without being directly offensive or relying on national stereotypes. Choosing plastic mannequins as main subjects, the film invites reflection on the global trend of sexualizing public space.

Appealing to an International Audience

Despite its focus on Korea, PLASTIC GIRLS aims to resonate with an international audience. It sparks reflections on gender imbalances and cultural influences on perceptions of women.


Embark on this cinematic journey exploring gender issues in Seoul through the lens of PLASTIC GIRLS. Join me at Cinequest 2018 and witness a thought-provoking exploration of societal norms.