Posted on Apr 4, 2013

“Spiegelnde Kulissen” Photo Exhibition in Berlin Reflecting on Contemporary Symptoms

Delve into the world of contemporary photography with “Spiegelnde Kulissen”. The exhibition features the works of Seoul based photographer Nils Clauss next to the work of Wolfram Hahn, Bettina Lockemann, and Kai von Rabenau. From April 5th to May 31st, 2013, the ARD Hauptstadtstudio in Berlin invites audiences to explore a visual journey through themes of political interest.

Unveiling Subtle Narratives

Opening on April 4th, 2013, at 7 pm, the exhibition at ARD Hauptstadtstudio showcases four distinct photographic perspectives on contemporary issues. These talented artists offer viewers nuanced insights into topics such as energy politics, social networks, EU organization, and the global financial crisis through their lenses.

Capturing Visual Symphonies

The photography on display are more than mere images; it is a symphony of visual storytelling. From shiny facades to the stark realities of administration captured in black and white. Each photograph invites viewers to ponder the underlying structures and mechanisms at play within society.

Inviting Reflection and Contemplation

The images presented in “Spiegelnde Kulissen” act as mirrors, reflecting back the complexities of our modern world. Through a careful examination of visual elements, viewers are prompted to contemplate the frameworks in which social processes unfold. This illustrates the profound impact they have on our behavior and perception.

A Collaborative Endeavor

The exhibition is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the artistic community. Nils Clauss, Wolfram Hahn, Bettina Lockemann, and Kai von Rabenau come together to offer a multifaceted exploration of contemporary themes. Each theme contributes their unique perspective to the conversation.

Embracing Diversity and Dialogue

“Spiegelnde Kulissen” is more than just an exhibition; it is a platform for dialogue and reflection. Audiences are encouraged to engage with the artwork. They should ponder its implications and consider the role of photography as a medium for social commentary and critique.

Discover More

For those who will miss the opportunity to experience “Spiegelnde Kulissen” firsthand, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the power of photography to capture the zeitgeist of our times. Explore the works of Nils Clauss, Wolfram Hahn, Bettina Lockemann, and Kai von Rabenau, and embark on a visual journey through the complexities of contemporary society.