Posted on Oct 25, 2013

Presenting Seoul’s Architectural Splendor: Urban Han River Series

BICYCLE PRINT, a quarterly magazine, introduces the inaugural issue, featuring a new urban series by Nils Clauss, a German photographer based in Seoul. Renowned for his architectural photography, Nils Clauss, the 2011 winner of the prestigious European Architectural Photography Prize, brings a unique perspective to the vibrant bicycle culture along the Han River.

Capturing Architecture Along the Han River

Nils Clauss’s lens portrays South Korea’s revival of bicycle culture against the backdrop of architecture that lines the Han River. As an established architecture photographer, Clauss’ eye for detail has garnered acclaim, making him a recipient of the European Architectural Photography Prize in 2011. This urban series not only reflects Clauss’ skills as an architecture photographer, but also showcases Seoul’s architectural rawness around Han river.

A Fusion of Photography and Filmmaking

As a multifaceted artist, Nils Clauss is not only a photographer but also a filmmaker, director, and cinematographer. This urban series seamlessly blends the worlds of photography and filmmaking, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for the audience. Each frame tells a story of Han River’s architectural evolution, a testament to Nils Clauss’s versatile artistic expression.

Pedaling Through Architectural Stories

BICYCLE PRINT‘s inaugural issue is more than a celebration of bicycles. It’s an exploration of how people interact with the urban landscape. In this issue, Nils Clauss captures not just the cyclists but the architectural backdrop that shapes their journey along the Han River. From futuristic designs to historic landmarks, each photograph encapsulates the spirit of Seoul’s architectural diversity.

Spotlight on Bicycle Enthusiasts

Within the pages of this magazine, readers will find stories of eight passionate bicycle enthusiasts in Korea. This will be complemented by the global perspective of six cities worldwide. This curated blend of narratives is beautifully complemented by Nils Clauss’s visual storytelling. It adds depth and context to each individual’s connection with bicycles.

Propaganda Press, the publisher behind BICYCLE PRINT, takes pride in exploring subculture and architecture in this new magazine.