Posted on Sep 10, 2012

Urban Island Premiere: Navigating Seoul’s Homeless Realities at Culture Station Seoul 284 Exhibition

Urban Island Premiere: Exploring Seoul’s Homeless Realities

Everyone in Korea is cordially invited to the opening reception of the group exhibition LIFE A USER’S MANUAL at CULTURE STATION SEOUL 284 on September 12th at 5 pm. This event will showcase the premiere of URBAN ISLAND, a compelling video by Nils Clauss and Park Namhui, featuring music by SIGUR RÓS. For those unable to attend the opening, the exhibition will run until November 4, 2012.

Cultural Exploration at Culture Station Seoul 284

Culture Station Seoul 284, a cultural complex, revitalized the prototype of old Seoul Station, offering a platform for cultural interactions since its opening in 2011. This historic site has transformed into a hub for various programs, including exhibitions, performances, and workshops, presenting a modern sensibility while preserving the essence of Korea’s railroad history.

Unveiling Urban Realities: Urban Island Project

The project “URBAN ISLAND” takes center stage, based on the song VARÚÐ by Icelandic band SIGUR RÓS. Capturing the life of a homeless man challenging societal norms, the documentary challenges prejudices against those living on the margins of society. The little park near Yongsan Station, frequented by this community, becomes a significant space for both escape and exclusion.

Collaborative Endeavor: Nils Clauss and Namhui Park

Collaborating as a director duo, Namhui Park and Nils Clauss crafted “Urban Island.” In addition to directing, I served as the cinematographer, editor, and colorist in post-production. The film premiered at the group exhibition at CULTURE STATION SEOUL 284, winning the 1st Prize Audience Award at the 7th Premiers Courts International Film Festival 2012. It was also shortlisted for the 2013 Film Grant Award of “THE MANUEL RIVERA-ORTIZ FOUNDATION FOR DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM.”

Musical Embrace: Sigur Rós’ Impact

SIGUR RÓS, an Icelandic post-rock band, provides the emotional backdrop with their distinctive sound, enhancing the depth of “Urban Island.” Known for their ethereal compositions, Sigur Rós’ music adds a powerful layer to the documentary’s narrative, creating a profound impact on the viewer.

Past and Present at Culture Station Seoul 284

Culture Station Seoul 284, born out of the restoration project of the old Seoul Station, seamlessly blends the past, present, and future. This historic space, which once served as Gyeongseong Station, invites visitors to explore Renaissance ornaments, stained glass, and red bricks while experiencing modern and experimental artworks.

Join Us at the Premiere: A Glimpse into Seoul’s History

In conclusion, we extend an invitation to join us at the premiere of “Urban Island” at Culture Station Seoul Exhibition on September 12th at 5 pm. Delve into the exploration of Seoul’s homeless realities through a cinematic lens, accompanied by the evocative music of Sigur Rós.