Posted on Oct 18, 2012

Exploring ‘Fremdungen’: Urban Nature Photography in Berlin Exhibition

Capturing Urban Nature: Berlin Photography Exhibition

Berlin, Germany, extends an open invitation to the unveiling of the group exhibition FREMDUNGEN at GALERIE WEISSER ELEFANT on October 20th at 7 pm. Witness Nils Clauss’ acclaimed series, URBAN NATURE, alongside works by Wolfram Hahn, Andy Rumball, Kai von Rabenau, Rainer Sioda, and Hannes Woidich. The exhibition, running until November 17th, welcomes visitors Tuesday to Saturday from 1-7 pm at Auguststrasse 21, 10117 Berlin.

The Essence of ‘Fremdungen’

The exhibition title, ‘Fremdung,’ delves into varied perceptions of the unknown, the distant. In German, it intertwines with contemporary socio-cultural discourses – alienation, disassociation, infiltration, estrangement – shaping our concept of home. Artists, curated by Daniel Klemm (UNCOMMON PLACE, Berlin), present their interpretations of the alien and the home in the Fremdungen exhibition.

Urbanization of Seoul: A Photographic Journey

In this context, Nils Clauss’ award-winning series, Urban Nature, gains significance. Explore his acclaimed work that earned the 1st Prize in the prestigious European Prize of Architectural Photography in 2011. The urbanization of Seoul, South Korea, mirrors the global shift towards urban living. As a photographer based in Seoul, my project Urban Nature captures the architectural aftermath of the disappearing rural amidst the sprawling cityscape. Around 80% of South Korea’s population resides in urban areas. This blurs the lines between what we once deemed rural and urban.

Recognizing the Unfamiliar

How do we understand our existence when faced with the unfamiliar? ‘Fremdungen’ explores the diverse strategies of dealing with the unknown. Artists showcase their interpretations of the alien and the home, their ‘Fremdungen.’ The intrusion of the unknown shapes our identity, challenging preconceived notions of what we call home.

Award-Winning Series: Urban Nature Photography

Join us in Berlin as we unravel the beauty of the city through the lens of Urban Nature Photography. Capturing Seoul’s urban evolution, Urban Nature reflects the changing landscape, blurring the boundaries between rural and urban. Nils Clauss’ acclaimed series, awarded the 1st Prize in the European Prize of Architectural Photography in 2011, offers a unique perspective on Seoul’s urbanization.

Engaging with the Unknown: Fremdungen Exhibition

Discover how artists interpret the unfamiliar in the Fremdungen exhibition, providing fresh insights into the concepts of the alien and the home. Explore Berlin’s beauty through Urban Nature Photography. Join us at GALERIE WEISSER ELEFANT for the FREMDUNGEN exhibition. Award-winning series by Nils Clauss.