Posted on Mar 2, 2012

Urban Nature Photography Solo Exhibition at TUV Rheinland Gallery in Seoul

Join us for the vernissage of Nils Clauss’s solo exhibition, “distURBANces,” on March 7th, 2012, at TUV Rheinland Gallery, Seoul. Immerse yourself in the visual narratives of the acclaimed “Urban Nature” series, awarded the European Architectural Photography Prize in 2011. This captivating exhibition will feature not only these award-winning images but also highlights from the previous “Zugzwang” exhibition. The evening will include screenings of internationally awarded music videos, complemented by delightful food, wine, and beer courtesy of TUV Rheinland.

Award-Winning “Urban Nature” Series

Nils Clauss’s “Urban Nature” series, honored with the 1st Prize at the European Architectural Photography Prize in 2011, delves into the transformation of Seoul, South Korea. As an urbanized country, around 80% of its population resides in urban areas. The series explores the merging of urban and rural spaces, challenging traditional concepts of a compact city. Witness the architectural aftermath of this evolution as rural imagery fuses with building facades in the expansive Seoul city space.

About the European Architectural Photography Prize

The “Architekturbild” European Architectural Photography Prize, initiated in 1995, stands as a prestigious global recognition. Open to global entries every two years, this competition, organized by Architekturbild e.v. and in partnership with the German Architecture Museum, celebrates architectural photography’s artistic significance. The exhibition, showcasing the top 28 entries, tours Germany and beyond, recognizing exceptional talent.

“Zugzwang” Exhibition Insights

Experience the spatial narrative of “Zugzwang,” a personal series by Nils Clauss, exhibited at Topohaus Art Gallery in Seoul, South Korea, in April 2009. Focused on three city districts within Seoul—Hukseokdong, Bangbaedong, and Sangwangsimnidong—the series captures the impact of large-scale apartment constructions. The work portrays inhabitants facing forced relocation due to powerful building companies, reflecting the broader Korean cultural shift towards apartment living since the 1970s.

Join us on this visual journey, celebrating the “Urban Nature” series and delving into the architectural narratives of Seoul’s dynamic urban landscape. Witness the artistic evolution of Nils Clauss through his lens, capturing the essence of Seoul’s architectural identity.