Posted on Aug 4, 2014

Vision Hall Hyundai: Award-Winning Media Art by Universal Everything

Elevating Dialogue Through Design

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Vision Hall at Hyundai Motor Group University’s Mabuk Campus. Here media art converges with corporate philosophy. Filmmaker and cinematographer Nils Clauss takes you on a visual journey capturing the essence of Universal Everything‘s award-winning work. It clinched the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the category of BEST CORPORATE FILM 2013.

Exploring Vision Hall

Vision Hall, a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to dialogue and communication, stands as a beacon of innovative design. Equipped with a 3D sound system boasting 36 channels and a colossal media wall spanning 24 x 3.5 meters, Vision Hall envelopes spectators in an interactive experience of up to 48K resolution across 730 micro-tiles.

Universal Everything: Shaping Digital Art

Founded in 2004 by Creative Director Matt Pyke, Universal Everything has left an indelible mark on digital art and design. Collaborating with global brands like Chanel, Intel, and Samsung, the studio is celebrated for pushing the boundaries of visual expression. Matt Pyke’s unique journey from botanical illustration to graphic design laid the foundation for a practice that continues to redefine the intersection of art and technology.

The Red Dot Design Award Triumph

The Red Dot Design Award, a symbol of excellence, recognized Universal Everything’s groundbreaking work at Vision Hall. This international design competition, spanning various disciplines, has been honoring innovation since 1954. Winners proudly display the coveted “Red Dot” quality label, an emblem of design distinction.

Cinematographer’s Lens: Nils Clauss

Nils Clauss, a prominent cinematographer based in Seoul, skillfully directed and edited the footage that supported Universal Everything’s award application. Through his lens, the immersive nature of Vision Hall’s multi-media exhibition comes alive, capturing not just visuals but the spirit of Hyundai’s commitment to open dialogue.

Unveiling a Symphony of Art and Technology

As you navigate through this blog post, witness the synergy of architecture, technology, and cinematography. Universal Everything’s collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group at Vision Hall Hyundai stands as a testament to the transformative power of media art in corporate spaces. Join us in unraveling the layers of this extraordinary fusion highlighting the innovative prowess of Universal Everything.