Posted on Nov 13, 2013

European Architectural Photography Exhibition at Photo Gallery f75 in Stuttgart

Discover the world of architectural photography at the group exhibition ARCHITEKTURBILD 1995-2011 | DER ZWEITE BLICK. Now the exhibition is hosted at Fotogalerie f75 in Stuttgart, Germany, from November 5th to December 13th.

Overview of ARCHITEKTURBILD Exhibition

Initiated in 1995, the international photography prize by ARCHITEKTURBILD celebrated its tenth edition in 2013. The anniversary exhibition, THE SECOND LOOK, showcases a curated selection of all award-winning series of the EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE between 1995-2011. Among these remarkable series is “Urban Nature” by Nils Clauss. Catalogs of the exhibition are available for purchase at the gallery f75.

Location: Fotogalerie f75, Filderstraße 75 (Marienplatz), 70180 Stuttgart
Opening Times: Thursday and Friday, 15 – 19 pm & also by appointment

About “Urban Nature” Photo Series

Nils Clauss’s “Urban Nature” series, awarded the 1st Prize for the EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE in 2011, captures the evolving urban landscape of Seoul, South Korea. With approximately 80% of its population living in urban areas, Seoul reflects the challenges of urban space merging on a large scale. The series explores the redefinition of the compact city concept. Landscape intertwines with the urban, blurring borders between urban and rural spaces. Witness the architectural aftermath of massive suburbanization, transforming the city’s peripheries into a new rural-urban space.


Established in 1995, the “Architekturbild” European Architectural Photography Prize is prestigious. It still stands as one of the most esteemed awards of its kind. Open to global entries, the competition, organized by architekturbild e.v. and the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt (DAM), celebrates architectural photography’s artistic significance. The exhibition of winning entries travels across Germany and beyond, recognizing outstanding contributions to the field.

Competition Details

Entries for the competition consist of a series of exactly four pictures on the stated theme. The maximum size is 30 x 40 cm, and panoramas may be up to 50 cm in length. Judges will consider photographs as a series, and they must not exceed three years in age. The jury awards one first prize worth 4,000 euros and two equal second prizes worth 1,000 euros each, along with three to five commendations. The top 28 sets of pictures are published in a high-quality catalogue and exhibited.

Join us on this visual journey, celebrating the rich tapestry of architectural photography, as we delve into the captivating narratives of the EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE and the mesmerizing “Urban Nature” series by Nils Clauss.