Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Capturing Leeum: Architectural Wonders Through lens of award-winning Seoul based photographer

Delve deeper into the enchanting world of the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. It is a captivating canvas that showcases the talent of award-winning photographer, filmmaker, director, and cinematographer, Nils Clauss. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Clauss is a specialist in architectural photography. This is a distinction that earned him the prestigious European Architectural Photography Prize in 2011.

European Architectural Photography Prize Recognition

Nils Clauss, renowned for his expertise in capturing architecture, casts his discerning eye on the architectural brilliance of the Leeum Samsung Museum. Managed by the Samsung Foundation of Culture, this visual journey serves as a testament to Clauss’s dedication to his craft.

A Photographer’s Perspective on Leeum

In this series, Clauss guides us through the architectural nuances of the Leeum Samsung Museum. Museum 1, a creation of Swiss architect Mario Botta, stands as a reflective showcase of traditional elements delicately framed by Clauss’s lens. The simplicity of terra cotta bricks becomes a central focus, highlighting the photographer’s attention to architectural detail.

Museum 2, masterfully crafted by French architect Jean Nouvel, unfolds as a contemporary masterpiece. Permanent exhibitions by acclaimed artists take on a renewed light, demonstrating Clauss’s ability to subtly accentuate architectural features.

Architectural Elegance and Educational Spaces

The influence of Rem Koolhaas on the Samsung Child Education & Culture Center becomes apparent as Clauss navigates through wooden ramps and glass structures. The intersection of art and education is beautifully portrayed through his lens.

Conclusion: Acknowledging Achievements

The acknowledgment of Clauss’s European Architectural Photography Prize serves as a modest nod to his significant contributions to the field. The Leeum Samsung Museum project extends beyond conventional collections, focusing on the architectural elements that uniquely define the space.

Venture further into this visual odyssey, where Nils Clauss captures not just architecture but the essence of a cultural gem, adding depth to Seoul’s artistic landscape.