Posted on Dec 10, 2014

Exploring Success: UIC Promo Video by Seoul based Filmmaker and Cinematographer

Unlock the doors to success with the UIC promo video titled “A Path to Success.” Join director, filmmaker and cinematographer Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs. Both based in Seoul, South Korea, they take us on a visual journey through Underwood International College (UIC). In collaboration with producer Kuiock Park, the video showcases the collaborative effort of talented individuals who played a pivotal role in its creation.

The Collaborators

Acknowledging the invaluable contributions of individuals such as Hyungji Park, Jade Choi, Ji Hye Jung, Levi Patel, and more, the UIC promo video reflects the spirit of teamwork and creativity. Each frame captures the dedication of students and collaborators from Exit Studios, Club Cage, and beyond.

UIC Overview

Delve deeper into the essence of UIC—a highly selective, English-language, four-year liberal arts institution located in Seoul, South Korea. Explore the unique blend of an American-style liberal arts college and Korea’s top private research university, ensuring a global perspective for students. With classes conducted in English and taught by distinguished international and Korean scholars, UIC molds exceptional leaders with the intellectual foundation to change the world.

Distinctive Organization of UIC

UIC’s distinctive organization fosters intellectual exchange by bringing scholars and students from different fields together. The Common Curriculum, composed of international scholars, offers interdisciplinary courses, navigating the complex intellectual landscape of the modern world.

More on Yonsei University

Discover the roots of Yonsei University, a Christian private university in Seoul, part of Korea’s prestigious SKY universities. Established through the union of Yonhi College and Severance Union Medical College, Yonsei boasts a competitive admission process, reflecting its esteemed reputation. Yonsei’s global rankings and academic excellence make it a beacon for ambitious individuals seeking a world-class education.

Yonsei’s Prestige and Rankings

Explore Yonsei’s standing among Korea’s “SKY” universities and its impressive rankings in global university assessments. From QS World University Rankings to THE World University Rankings, Yonsei consistently excels, making it a symbol of academic prowess in Asia.


Embark on a visual and intellectual journey with the UIC promo video, created by filmmakers based in Seoul. As the video unfolds the path to success, it mirrors the excellence of UIC and the prestige of Yonsei University.