Posted on Aug 7, 2014

Seoul Music Video Cinematographer – Moonchild Premiere at Shorts on Tap in London

Nils Clauss and Neil Dowling’s cinematic music video, Moonchild, for M83, is set to dazzle London at Shorts on Tap‘s Rocket Science event. Taking place at Cafe1001, Brick Lane on August 7th, this sci-fi influenced music video promises an unforgettable journey through imagination and visual FX.

Unveiling Moonchild: A Cinematic Journey

Moonchild narrates the dream of a young girl, propelled into outer space where she conquers evil aliens with her mesmerizing ray gun. Shorts on Tap commends Rocket Science for propelling contemporary sci-fi short-film production, providing a global platform for cinematic talents.

Behind the Scenes: Merging Architecture with Cinematography

Embark on the collaborative journey with Will Craig from Discursive Form, the visionary interior designer of Seoul’s iconic club MUTE. Craig’s work serves as the artistic canvas for Moonchild, seamlessly merging architecture with cinematography. The reconstructed environment of club MUTE breathes life into the outer space scenes, adding depth to the narrative.

Genero Competition Recognition: A Fusion of Arts

Moonchild proudly stands as a Finalist in Genero‘s esteemed music video competition. Later in the same year, the Genero Best of the Year competition honored Moonchild. It earned recognition as a “Runner Up” within the music video category. Explore the synergy between music, visuals, and architecture, a testament to the creative energy emanating from Seoul, South Korea.

Discovering M83: The Sonic Universe

Through the song Moonchild, delve into the sonic universe of M83, a French electronic music group, renowned for their dream pop, new wave, and ambient soundscapes. With nine studio albums and a Grammy-nominated hit, “Midnight City,” M83’s music sets the stage for Moonchild’s celestial journey.

Capturing Essence: A Seoul Music Video Cinematographer’s Perspective

As a dedicated Seoul music video cinematographer, this project holds a special place, encapsulating the very essence of the craft. Join us at Cafe1001 for an evening that transcends boundaries, where music, film, and architecture converge in a mesmerizing spectacle.