Posted on Dec 11, 2014

Seoul based Documentary Filmmakers recognized with CHOA as Award Finalist by Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation

After earning a Vimeo Staff Pick and catching the eye of The Atlantic, CHOA has now been recognized as documentary from Seoul as a finalist for the 2014 awards by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation. This achievement, a collaboration between filmmakers Adam Hobbs and Nils Clauss, stands as a testament to their dedication. Special thanks to UIC and Choa Choi for making this remarkable journey possible.

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation’s Mission

Establishing itself in 2010, the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation dedicates its mission to encouraging artists who challenge our perception of the world. This non-profit supports emerging photographers and artists, focusing on documentary projects that delve into social, cultural, political, and ecological issues. The goal is to shed light on overlooked aspects of humanity and give a voice to the voiceless. As a Seoul-based filmmaker, director, and cinematographer, I resonate with capturing societal nuances.

A Vision for Change: Seoul Documentary Filmmaker Award

The prestigious the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation seeks to honor outstanding documentary filmmakers annually. These recipients bring forth impactful images that expose ignored atrocities globally. The award ceremony takes place during the summer opening reception for the Rencontres d’Arles in France. As a filmmaker based in Seoul, South Korea, my lens captures the diverse and impactful stories woven into the fabric of this dynamic city.

Empowering Visionaries: Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Grant

Addressed to professional and emerging photographers, the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Grant supports documentary projects addressing current societal issues. As a recipient, guidance is provided throughout the project, from conception to exhibition at the Foundation. Being part of this transformative journey aligns with my mission as a visual storyteller based in Seoul.

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation: Global Impact

Based in New York, international photographer Manuel Rivera-Ortiz founded the foundation in 2010. Born into poverty in Puerto Rico, Rivera-Ortiz’s work reflects a social realist perspective, capturing the hardships of everyday life. As a filmmaker based in Seoul, my lens is a bridge connecting diverse narratives, bringing attention to stories that might otherwise go unnoticed.

A Glimpse into Rivera-Ortiz’s Journey

Born in Puerto Rico, Rivera-Ortiz’s journey from a corrugated tin shack to international acclaim is a testament to his resilience. As a filmmaker and photographer based in Seoul, I draw inspiration from his commitment to social documentary as a form of activism. His work showcasing the dignity of marginalized communities resonates with my own endeavors.

Conclusion: Shaping Narratives, Impacting Lives

In reimagining the world through a lens, the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Documentary Filmmaker Award celebrate visionaries who bring overlooked stories to the forefront. As a Seoul based filmmaker, I am committed to embodying the spirit of this foundation, using my craft to amplify voices and initiate positive change.