Posted on May 4, 2016

Explore Burberry’s Seoul Flagship: Award-Winning Photographer Captures Fusion of Luxury and Innovation

Nils Clauss, an award-winning photographer, beautifully captured the essence of Burberry’s inaugural Korean flagship store in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s CEO and chief creative officer, spearheaded the construction of this 13-story architectural marvel. For a visual journey, explore more images here.

The Artistry of Design

Designed by Tetra Architects Inc., the Burberry Asia flagship retail store in Cheongdam-Dong stands tall as a 12-story, 4,000 square-meter ode to luxury. Its captivating glazed façade mirrors the iconic gabardine plaid textile trench coats that define the brand’s legacy.

A Visual Symphony

The construction, overseen by Christopher Bailey, showcases a stunning blend of glass curtain wall inside and a distinctive perforated aluminum panel outside. This panel not only boasts a unique protruded shape but also signifies the identity of this architectural masterpiece.

A Strategic Landmark

Situated at the vibrant Cheongsam crossroads, Burberry’s new flagship store is not just a retail space but also serves as its Korean headquarters. This strategic move underscores Burberry’s unwavering commitment to South Korea, positioning it as a key market.

Merging Realms: Physical and Digital

The building is a mix of event space, entertainment hub, store, office space and showrooms. It echoes the success formula from Regent Street in London, albeit on a grander scale. The 13-floor structure, a brainchild of Christopher Bailey, seamlessly merges the physical and the digital realms.

Sensory Innovations

Brimming with innovations, the retail space features nine interior video walls and in-store digital screens, accompanied by 126 speakers throughout the boutique. This dynamic setup showcases brand content and occasionally broadcasts live events, creating a multi-sensory experience.

Curating Elegance and Tradition

The expansive Burberry product assortment spans six rooms, connected by Corinthian stone staircases. From the Burberry Prorsum runway collection to Heritage trench coats and scarves, this flagship store curates the brand’s finest offerings for both men and women.

The Personalized Touch: Burberry Scarf Bar

A standout addition is the Burberry Scarf Bar, offering an extensive range of classic and lightweight cashmere scarf designs in over 30 colors and prints. Made in Scotland, these scarves can be personalized with three initials, embracing the tradition of monogramming etiquette.

Boutique-Exclusive Celebrations

Exclusive limited-edition collections, including trench coats and accessories like the Bucket Backpack and Barrow bag, are “boutique-only” in Seoul, marking a celebration of the store’s launch. Truly, a multi-sensory experience awaits every customer at Burberry’s Seoul flagship.

Immersed in Luxury and Innovation

Immerse yourself in luxury and innovation at Burberry’s Seoul flagship store. With a commitment to tradition and an eye on the future, this architectural masterpiece is a testament to the brand’s dedication to South Korea.