Posted on Apr 7, 2016

Capturing Style and Performance: Millet’s Sportswear Spring/Summer 2016 collection

In the realm of sustainable fashion, Millet‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection stands out as a beacon of environmental consciousness. As a Director of Photography based in Seoul, South Korea, Nils Clauss had the privilege of capturing the essence of this eco-friendly sportswear through his lens. He worked in collaboration with French director Jean-Julien Pous who took on this project for Millet.

Introduction: A Glimpse into Millet’s Sportswear World

Millet, the sportswear division of M Limited, unveils a world where fashion meets functionality. In collaboration with director Jean-Julien Pous and cinematographer Nils Clauss, our video serves as a portal into the heart of Millet’s sportswear philosophy.

Style Redefined: Millet’s Fashion-Forward Approach

In the lens of Nils Clauss, Director of Photography, Millet’s sportswear becomes a canvas of style redefined. The video explores the intricate details of design and craftsmanship that elevate Millet’s pieces beyond mere sportswear.

Performance Unleashed: Dynamic Sportswear by Millet

Directed by Jean-Julien Pous, the video captures the spirit of performance inherent in Millet’s sportswear. Each frame, meticulously shot by Nils Clauss, brings to life the functionality and versatility embedded in every piece.

A Visual Ode to Millet’s Sportswear

As a cinematographer and director based in Seoul, South Korea, Nils Clauss together with Pous presents Millet’s Spring/Summer 2016 sportswear as more than just clothing. It’s a visual story of style, and performance. Join the filmmakers on this cinematic journey into the essence of Millet’s sportswear. Each where frame is a testament to fashion-forward innovation.

The Environmental Imperative: 100% Eco-Designed Products by 2030

Millet, a sportswear division of M Limited, has embarked on a transformative journey towards prioritizing and standardizing the use of renewable materials. In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, Millet takes a bold stance. Recognizing that 81% of their environmental impact stems from product manufacturing, the brand is on a mission to create 100% eco-designed products by 2030.