Posted on Apr 18, 2014

Crafting Narratives: Photography of Kwangho Lee’s Yéol Award-Winning Furniture

Unveiling Visual Narratives

Embark on a visual journey as a Seoul based photographer Nils Clauss captures the essence of Kwangho Lee‘s YÉOL Award-winning furniture. This photographic exploration goes beyond conventional boundaries. It delves into the craftsmanship of the YÉOL Young Craftsman of the Year project and the intricate details of Kwangho Lee’s creations.

The YÉOL Young Craftsman of the Year Project

Rooted in a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, the YÉOL Young Craftsman of the Year project seeks to recognize and encourage promising talents. Established in 2013, it aims to expand the horizons of future handicrafts by fostering young craftsmen who bring fresh perspectives to traditional techniques. Kwangho Lee stands as one such craftsman, his work earning him the prestigious YÉOL Young Craftsman Award in 2013.

Kwangho Lee’s YÉOL Award-Winning Furniture

Metal Craftsman, Lee Kwang Ho, sculpted a series of chairs and stools in bronze. His work is a testament to his mastery of traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by Korean old armor made of paper with lacquer, his works embody a delicate balance between heritage and innovation. Each piece tells a story of cultural resonance. It’s this narrative that the Seoul based photographer Nils Clauss aims to capture through the lens.

The Choice of Space

Departing from the studio setting used for the YÉOL Artisan of the Year project, the decision to photograph Kwangho Lee’s creations in the same abandoned house as “Translating Furniture” was intentional. The historic North-Western Seoul residence, once marred by the acts of a notorious serial killer. This adds an unexpected layer to the visual narrative.

Eerie History and Textured Aesthetics

The resonance of the eerie history enhances the depth of each photograph. Explore the interplay of Kwangho Lee’s furniture textures against the backdrop of a space marked by decay, mold, and remnants of a bygone era. The project becomes a visual dialogue between the intense textures of the abandoned place and the intricate details of the award-winning furniture.

From Abandonment to Artistry

Witness the transformation of abandonment into artistry. Each photograph tells a story of contrast. The delicate craftsmanship of Kwangho Lee’s YÉOL Award-winning furniture is juxtaposed against the rugged textures of decay. It’s a visual exploration of the unexpected. Here the history of a place intertwines with the contemporary artistry captured through the lens.

Explore the visual narratives of Kwangho Lee’s YÉOL Award-winning furniture through the lens of a Seoul based photographer Nils Clauss. Immerse yourself in the interplay of craftsmanship, history, and captivating imagery.