Posted on Apr 21, 2014

Urban Cycling Stories: Photographer’s View of Seoul

In the bustling heart of Seoul, BICYCLE PRINT, a quarterly magazine, unfolds the dynamic tapestry of urban cycling through the lens of Nils Clauss — an established photographer, filmmaker, director, and cinematographer. Immerse yourself in the narratives of cyclists, collectors, and the vibrant world they shape.

The Essence of Bicycle Print

BICYCLE PRINT takes a unique approach, diverting attention from the bikes themselves to the individuals weaving the urban cycling culture. The second issue unveils tales of six devoted collectors and nine passionate bicycle enthusiasts, all captured by Nils Clauss, one of the leading photographers based in Seoul.

Cycling as Urban Expression

Cycles, not just a mode of transport but an expression of urban life. BICYCLE PRINT celebrates the intersection of creativity and daily spontaneity, showcasing the exquisite design and meaningful stories behind each ride.

Meet the Urban Enthusiasts

Among the featured personalities are Ban Yi-jung, an art critic whose life orbits around cycles; Kacey Neistat, a YouTube filmmaker advocating for rational bicycle paths in New York City; and Yoon Jae-oh, a rider and graphic designer orchestrating track events. Dive into the stories of those intertwining their lives with the urban cycling lifestyle.

A Glimpse into Collectors’ Worlds

Intriguingly, six collectors share not only their prized bicycle-related items but also the dramas and memories associated with them. “Bicycle Print” aims to inspire readers with these intimate bicycle stories, offering a unique perspective beyond information on new bicycles.

Propaganda Press and Its Impact

BICYCLE PRINT is available at major bookstores in Seoul and through Propaganda Press, a platform launched in 2007 focusing on subculture, popular culture, and architecture. Propaganda Press consistently seeks novelty in content and organization, making it a pioneer in the realm of publishing.

Photographer Spotlight: Nils Clauss in Seoul

As a photographer based in Seoul, South Korea, Nils Clauss skillfully captures the essence of the city’s urban cycling culture. Through his lens, we witness the stories of E Jung Ban, Jaeoh Yoon, Xerome Lee, and others, creating a visual journey that mirrors the spirit of Seoul’s urban cycling community.

Captivating Visuals Across Urban Seoul

From bustling streets to serene landscapes, Clauss’ photography encapsulates the spirit of Seoul’s urban cycling scene. Each image tells a unique story, connecting viewers with the diverse individuals contributing to the city’s vibrant urban cycling culture.