Posted on Apr 3, 2012

Seoul’s Urban Landscape: Presentation at Kangwoon University by Seoul based photographer and filmmaker

Exploring the Fusion of Social and Urban Themes

Kwangwoon University welcomed Seoul based photographer and filmmaker Nils Clauss on March 23, 2012, for an insightful presentation on the “Social and Urban Landscape of Seoul.” Through his photography and film work, Clauss offered a unique perspective on the dynamic interplay between social dynamics and urban environments in the bustling city of Seoul.

The “Bang” Series: Redefining Spatial Boundaries

In his “Bang” series, Clauss challenges conventional notions of public and private space in Korea. Through his lens, he captures the intricate intertwining of these spatial concepts. His work offers a fresh perspective on the fluidity of spatial boundaries within the urban landscape.

The “Zugzwang” Series: A Reflection on Urban Transformation

Clauss’s “Zugzwang” series offers a poignant commentary on the rapid urbanization of Seoul. Through his evocative imagery, he highlights the struggles of inhabitants faced with the ever-changing cityscape. His work invites viewers to contemplate the consequences of urban development.

The “Urban Nature” Series: Navigating the Urban-Rural Divide

Awarded the prestigious European Prize of Architectural Photography, Clauss’s “Urban Nature” series captures the evolving landscape of Seoul. From the sprawling suburbs to the city center, his photographs reflect on the loss of rural space and its architectural aftermath through a unique point of view.

The “Double Portrait” Series: Reflecting on Collective Identity

In his “Double Portrait” series, Clauss delves into the intricate relationship between personal and collective identity in South Korea. Through his poignant imagery, he invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of conformity and individuality in a rapidly changing society.

Conclusion: Join the Exploration

Don’t miss the opportunity to join filmmaker and photographer Nils Clauss as he unravels the complexities of Seoul’s urban landscape at Kwangwoon University. Experience the fusion of social and urban themes in Clauss’s presentation and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic cityscape.