Posted on Apr 10, 2012

Capturing Warehouse Seoul: Interior Photography

The design journey of Warehouse, a pub & restaurant in Seoul, began with a focus on expressing its brand identity. Renowned designer Will Craig of Discursive Form, in collaboration with Seoul-based architects ZABEL + PARTNERS, chose concrete and metal as major finishing materials, eliminating decorative elements. Commissioned as a photographer, I documented the interior architecture of this transformational project in 2012.

A Space True to Its Name

True to its name, Warehouse embraces its original function, creating a space that aligns with the brand’s identity. The choice of concrete and metal as dominant materials reflects the designer’s intention to eliminate unnecessary embellishments. This minimalist approach, finalized in 2012, sets Warehouse apart as a unique pub & restaurant in Seoul.

New Look by Designer William Craig and Architect Ralf Zabel

Recently, Warehouse underwent a significant transformation. It received a complete new look by American designer William Craig and German architect Ralf Zabel. Their collaboration breathed new life into the establishment, enhancing its atmosphere and overall aesthetic. As the commissioned photographer, I was tasked with capturing the essence of this redesigned space.

Warehouse: Affordable Excellence

Founded by New Yorker Jason Choi, Warehouse believes in offering good food and a great atmosphere without breaking the bank. The recent redesign by Craig and Zabel aligns with Choi’s vision. It provides patrons with an affordable yet exceptional dining and social experience in Seoul.

Documenting the Transformation

In 2012, I, Nils Clauss, had the privilege of documenting the interior architecture of Warehouse as commissioned by designer Will Craig. Through a carefully curated lens, the transformation of this pub & restaurant comes to life, showcasing the meticulous design choices and the harmonious collaboration between Craig and architect Ralf Zabel.

Designer Will Craig: A Creative Force

Learn more about Will Craig, the artist and designer behind Discursive Form. Currently located in Seoul, South Korea, Craig brings a wealth of experience in various creative fields, including architecture, fashion, set design, and lighting design. His educational background, including a Master of Science from Columbia University, informs his innovative approach to each project.

Architects ZABEL + PARTNERS: International Excellence

Discover more about ZABEL + PARTNERS, an international architecture firm based in Seoul since 2008. Specializing in comprehensive architecture, interior design, project management, and construction supervision services, they contribute to Warehouse’s transformation, elevating it to a new level of excellence.

Conclusion: A Visual Journey Through Warehouse Seoul

Embark on a visual journey through Warehouse Seoul, captured through my lens. From the design concept initiated by Will Craig to the collaboration with architects ZABEL + PARTNERS, each photograph tells the story of Warehouse’s evolution. Explore the intersection of architecture, design, and culinary excellence in the heart of Seoul.