Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Capturing Seoul: German Photographer’s Lens on South Korea

My Lens on Seoul: A German Photographer’s Journey in South Korea

As a German photographer based in Seoul and the winner of the 1st prize in the European Architectural Photography Prize 2011, my lens captures the pulsating life and rich culture of this bustling metropolis.

Districts and Zones: My Photographic Tale

In the enchanting pages of Dongbangyuhaeng (The Guide to East Asia and Seoul) Vol. 1 March 2015 issue, I intricately captured the heart of Seoul in the section titled “25 Districts, 5 Zones, This is the City Life.” This visual narrative, a testament to my love for photography, encapsulates the dynamic blend of travel, architecture, food, and fashion that defines the city’s life.

A Glimpse into Seoul’s Dynamic Life

Dongbangyuhaeng, available in major bookstores across Seoul and East Asia, serves as a portal to Seoul’s soul. I hope that my lens unravels the intricacies of this vibrant city, offering you a visual feast that transcends words.

Exploring Seoul Through My Photographic Lens

As a photographer, I capture the architectural marvels, cultural nuances, and the gastronomic delights that make Seoul truly unique. I want my lens to become a storyteller, weaving tales of a city that pulsates with energy.

Behind My Lens: Unveiling Seoul

In this exclusive visual journey, I don’t just try to capture moments. As a filmmaker it is important to me to craft narratives. My work extends beyond a mere photograph, diving deep into the very soul of Seoul. This photographic exploration, a synergy of art and storytelling, transports you to the heart of South Korea’s capital.

A Photographic Ode to Seoul’s Diversity

From the traditional to the contemporary, my lens traverses the landscapes of Seoul, reflecting its diverse facets. The architectural brilliance, the richness of culture, the tantalizing array of food, and the ever-evolving fashion scene—all intricately woven into the tapestry of this photographic exploration.

Seoul Unveiled: My Perspective as a Photographer

For a photographer based in Seoul, South Korea, every click is an opportunity to showcase the city’s allure. My work transcends photography; it is a visual testament to the city’s ever-evolving narrative. Notably, as the CEO of Contented, a Seoul based production company, I also wear the hats of a filmmaker, cinematographer, and director of photography (DOP), which hopefully adds a unique dimension to my creative journey.

Discover More Through My Lens

For a deeper dive into this visual odyssey, follow this link for additional images that capture Seoul’s essence through my lens.