Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Seoul’s Bicycle Culture Exposed: Photography Chronicles in “Bicycle Print” Issue 3

In the heart of Seoul, a vibrant bicycle culture pulses through the streets, echoing the stories of cyclists and those intertwined with the art of cycling. In this edition of “Bicycle Print,” German photographer Nils Clauss captures the essence of this dynamic culture. His photos bring to life the diverse narratives of individuals connected by their love for cycling.

Bicycle Culture Beyond Wheels

Beyond the mere mechanics of bicycles, “Bicycle Print” delves into the unique stories of individuals who share a profound relationship with cycling. From enthusiasts crafting their own narratives to artists incorporating bicycle culture into their works. This issue explores the multidimensional facets of life on two wheels.

Global Perspectives

Clauss’s lens extends beyond Seoul, encompassing international influences on bicycle culture. Delve into the pages of “Bicycle Print” to encounter the adventures and freedom portrayed by the renowned international bicycle magazine, “Bonshaker.” Explore Japan’s distinctive “Itatchari” culture and discover the public bicycle service, “Pifteen,” operated by Goyang City.

Customization: A Fusion of Technology and Art

At the core of this edition lies a special feature on the world of bicycle customization. Clauss captures the meeting point of bicycle technology and artistic prowess, showcasing the beauty of custom bicycles. More than just a mode of transportation, these custom creations reflect a movement challenging mass production norms. “Bicycle Print” celebrates the creativity and technology emerging from small workshops.

Microcosms in Motion

Since its inaugural publication on November 5, 2014, “Bicycle Print” has been weaving narratives of individuals constructing their microcosms. From frame builders to creators of bespoke bicycle accessories and painters, the magazine encapsulates the stories of those carving unique spaces within the broader realm of cycling.

Availability and Propaganda Press

Bicycle Print” is available at major bookstores across Seoul and can be directly purchased through Propaganda Press. Established in 2006, Propaganda Press has been a key player in publishing subculture, popular culture, and architectural books since 2012. Focused on unexplored content, they strive for novelty in both organization and publication processes.


Embark on a visual journey through Seoul’s bicycle culture with Nils Clauss’s lens. “Bicycle Print Issue 3” encapsulates the spirit of cycling, intertwining personal narratives, global influences, and the artistry of customization. Join the movement and explore the microcosms created by individuals who challenge conventions and celebrate the beauty of life on two wheels.