Posted on Feb 15, 2018

Navigating Seoul’s Global Education Landscape: A Cinematographer’s Perspective

In 2014, Minerva Schools introduced a groundbreaking model of higher education, blending a reimagined curriculum with global experiences across seven cities. As a cinematographer, director of photography (DOP), and filmmaker based in Seoul, South Korea, I had the privilege to collaborate on the Seoul episode directed by Andrew Hida and Ayo Seligman.

The Global Immersion Series

Minerva Schools‘ innovative approach to education, founded in 2014, combines academic rigor, cutting-edge technology, and immersive global experiences. The Global Immersion: Seoul film, directed by Andrew Hida and Ayo Seligman, offers a glimpse into the intersection of classroom knowledge and real-world challenges. As a DOP, my role in the Seoul episode was crucial, supported by local producer Mini Kim.

Brief Overview

Global Immersion: Seoul is a short film that extends classroom curriculum into urban life, shaping personal, professional, and academic growth. This film, part of a broader marketing campaign, includes 60-second cuts for social media engagement.

Target Audience and Goal

The series targets prospective students and parents, providing insights into the unique Minerva global experience. Andrew and Ayo aimed to showcase the full spectrum of daily life, emphasizing the distinction of the Minerva experience from traditional universities.

Challenges and Results

Over two years, the Global Immersion series evolved, delving into stories of personal and professional development. The authentic cinematic style, defining the Minerva brand, required a skilled team of cinematographers with a background in visual journalism. Weeks of creative design and pre-production were crucial to managing complex logistics in foreign cities.

Personal Involvement

As a cinematographer, contributing to this meaningful project was a gratifying experience. Special thanks to Ayo, Andrew, and Mini for their invaluable support.

The Minerva Global Immersion series captures the essence of education, personal growth, and global experiences. As a cinematographer based in Seoul, I am proud to contribute to this cinematic journey.