Posted on Apr 11, 2018

Exploring Seoul’s Architectural Creativity Through the Eyes of Nerdy Kids

As fathers of young kids, filmmakers Nils Clauss and Neil Dowling witness the daily magic of their children’s creativity. Embracing Picasso’s words, “Every child is an artist,” they responded to the International Union of Architects‘ (UIA) call for a film to open the 2017 World Congress of Architects in Seoul. Their mission: to take attendees back to the roots of their creative journeys, offering a whimsical glimpse into the world of nerdy kids engrossed in drawings, legos, and Minecraft.

A Whimsical Inquiry into Creative Sparks

To capture the essence of creativity in its purest form, Nils & Neil embarked on a whimsical inquiry. Utilizing talking head interviews, they lent authority to the children’s unique perspectives. Vignettes, featuring kids engaged in architecturally inspired tasks, further enriched the narrative, providing a fresh and fun outlook on creativity.

Global Perspectives in Seoul’s Playground

Seoul, a city evolving into a global playground, became the canvas for this creative exploration. The duo was keen on including kids from various corners of the world, mirroring the international makeup of the audience. Seoul’s international atmosphere allowed them to discover and engage with children who seamlessly blend into the city’s cultural tapestry.

Seoul’s Architectural Wonderland

Beyond its cultural diversity, Seoul boasts a rich tapestry of architectural wonders. From historical and traditional gems to functional, residential, infrastructural, and contemporary marvels, the city offers a playground of exploration. This film is a heartfelt journey through Seoul’s architectural diversity, a visual feast for enthusiasts and creators alike. Discover the hidden gems of Seoul’s architectural creativity as Nils & Neil guide you through the city’s vibrant streets and diverse neighborhoods. Each frame captures not just the buildings but the spirit of creativity that defines Seoul.


If… stands as a testament to the universal language of creativity. Nils & Neil express gratitude for your interest in this cinematic exploration of Seoul’s architectural wonders through the eyes of nerdy kids.