Posted on Jan 21, 2014

Breaking Barriers: Choa Choi’s Journey Through Innovative Filmmaking

In the heart of Seoul, Choa Choi emerges as a trailblazer in the world of ice hockey. This documentary, a collaboration between the visionary cinematographers Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs, goes beyond the conventional approach to filmmaking. Their unique method involves a refreshing “ping-pong” dynamic, where one takes on the role of director while the other captures the scene, and they seamlessly switch roles.

Breaking Ice, Breaking Barriers

Met with skepticism on the ice due to her gender, Choa Choi’s prowess shattered stereotypes. “‘Oh, it’s a girl,’ they would say, and they did not want to steal the puck. Basically, I could do whatever I wanted.” Embracing a more aggressive playing style, Choi redefined norms, shifting perceptions in the process.

Innovative Filmmaking Approach

What sets this documentary apart is the innovative approach of Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs. Both cinematographers by trade, they engaged in a dynamic “ping-pong” style of filmmaking. One would direct the scene while the other captured it, then seamlessly switching roles. This unconventional method brought a fresh perspective to Choa Choi’s story, capturing the essence of her journey in a way that transcends traditional storytelling.

A Trailblazer On and Off the Ice

Choi’s impact extends beyond the rink. “When I first went to the States to attend high school, they had never had a player from Asia on the ice hockey team,” she reminisces. “The sport was my chosen medium to prove something.” Choa eloquently captures Choi’s multifaceted journey, showcasing her unwavering passion and determination in ice hockey.

The Visionaries: Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs

The documentary, a collaboration with Underwood International College of Yonsei University, unfolds through the sincere lenses of filmmakers Nils Clauss and Adam Hobbs. Their innovative “ping-pong” approach not only brings a fresh perspective to storytelling but also contributes to the rich tapestry of cinematic narrative.

Extended Insights: Choa’s Impact Beyond the Rink

Choa‘s resonance is not only in its portrayal of Choi’s athletic and artistic endeavors but also in the broader context of cultural integration. The film captures moments of triumph and resilience, reflecting the evolving landscape of gender roles and international representation. As Choi navigates through societal expectations, the documentary becomes a compelling testament to the power of innovative storytelling.

The featured music is a track called “With Many Tears” by Candlegravity.