Posted on Nov 28, 2016

Liverpool’s Best Short Documentary gears up for a London showcase at the Lift-Off Film Festival 2016.

Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network proudly presents BIKINI WORDS by Nils Clauss. Bikini Words is a captivating exploration of the evolving vocabulary among South Korean factory workers during the rapid industrialization of the 1970s and 1980s. After securing the prestigious title of Best Short Documentary at the Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2016, this thought-provoking film is set to grace the screens of the London Lift-Off Film Festival.

A Global Cinematic Journey: Bikini Words Takes Center Stage

As part of the globally acclaimed Lift-Off film festival events, BIKINI WORDS has already left an indelible mark on audiences. So far it sreened in Tokyo, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Sydney. The film is directed by German cinematographer and photographer Nils Clauss. It delves into the linguistic and cultural transformations experienced by factory workers, providing a unique lens into their urbanized lives.

Multidisciplinary Fusion: Bikini Words Unveils Spatial Narratives

In this cinematic journey through South Korea’s vanishing spatial past, Clauss meticulously chose eight words to narrate the workers’ stories. Through this he showcases the evolving linguistic landscape. The film was commissioned by Geumcheon District Office. It emerges from a collaboration with Hongsung Kim of Design Studio Kerb and Jinbok Wee of Urban Intensity Architects. The film reflects multidisciplinary approach that intertwines architecture, design, photography, and film.

Inspiration in Language: Bikini Words – From Index to Film

The project originated from an exhibition platform for Geumcheon District, encapsulating the transformative years of South Korea’s economic growth from the 1960s to the mid-1990s. The film is inspired by an index of 99 words from the 1970s and 1980s compiled by researcher Haeyeon Yoo. With the index as a foundation, Clauss embarked on a visual journey that would resonate with international audiences.

Cinematic Resonance: The Linguistic Tapestry of Bikini Words

The eight carefully selected words are a blend of new Korean and Konglish expressions. This culminates in the film’s title, BIKINI WORDS. This reflects the linguistic focus while referencing key elements such as “Bikini Closet.” Overall the film provides a poignant glimpse into the lives of factory workers. Clauss skillfully balances aesthetic appeal with a profound narrative as he captures the scenes.

Overcoming Challenges: The Human Stories Behind Bikini Words

Navigating through resistance, gaining trust, and the unexpected challenges during filming, Clauss shares the behind-the-scenes stories of capturing the workers’ experiences. Despite time constraints and logistical challenges, Clauss and producer Kuiock Park navigated the Geumcheon area, approaching people who had worked in factories during that transformative period. Overcoming resistance and clichéd narratives, they gained the trust of the participants, including a “puppet boss” who played a crucial role in the workers’ rights movement.

Balancing Act: Artistic Expression and Educational Impact in Bikini Words

BIKINI WORDS masterfully balances educational and artistic expression. Clauss, primarily a cinematographer, emphasizes the importance of storytelling in filmmaking. He believes that, despite advancements in technology, a compelling story remains the heart of great cinema.

The film screens on Monday the 28th of November 2016 within the Short Programme 1 at 19:45 at Arthouse Cinema – Crouch End – 159A Tottenham Ln, London N8 9BT, UK.