Posted on Jul 17, 2015

Nils Clauss: Among some of the best filmmakers now represented in New York at Co.Mission.Content

Nils Clauss, a visionary cinematographer and director, has recently joined the esteemed ranks of Co.MISSION Content, a prominent New York-based production company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Nils’s career, standing alongside renowned international filmmakers such as Brandon Bloch, Brandon Li, and others.

Cinematography Elevated

In the realm of cinematography, Nils Clauss stands out as a creative force. His unique approach to visual storytelling captivates audiences globally. With a portfolio encompassing diverse projects, including commercials, music videos, and more, Nils’s work reflects a seamless blend of artistic flair and technical prowess.

A Global Representation

Joining Co.MISSION Content adds another layer to Nils’s already impressive career. The representation by this New York-based production company opens new doors for collaboration and exposure on the international stage. Nils Clauss is now not only a filmmaker based in Seoul, South Korea, but also a global cinematographer with a strong foothold in the United States.

Cinematic Collaboration at Its Finest

In the company of international filmmaking luminaries like Brandon Bloch, Dezi Catarino, and Matty Brown, Nils Clauss’s inclusion solidifies Co.MISSION Content’s commitment to excellence. This collaboration promises groundbreaking projects and a synergy that transcends geographical boundaries.

Seoul to New York: A Cinematic Journey

Nils’s journey from Seoul to New York is a testament to the universal language of cinema. As a cinematographer representing both South Korea and the United States, his work bridges cultures and creates a visual narrative that resonates globally.

Discover Nils Clauss’s Vision

Explore the world through Nils Clauss‘s lens—a fusion of technical expertise and artistic ingenuity. His repertoire includes engaging commercials, captivating music videos, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Inbound and Outbound Connections

In this interconnected world, cinematic collaborations thrive on networks. Consider exploring the works of fellow filmmakers like Brandon Bloch, Brandon Li, and others mentioned earlier. These connections create a web of inspiration and creativity.

To accompany this narrative, delve into a visual odyssey with images curated to reflect Nils Clauss’s diverse portfolio.