Posted on Jul 18, 2014

Libertine Seoul: Crafting a Stylish Interior

Step into the world of Libertine, a captivating bar and kitchen in Itaewon, Seoul. The artistic vision of designer Will Craig from Discursive Form, in collaboration with Seoul-based architects Zabel & Partner, manifests in a space where concrete and tiles converge to express the brand’s identity. Let’s embark on a visual journey exploring the heart of this stylish interior.

The Creative Minds Behind Libertine: Architectural Prowess

Zabel & Partners, an international architecture firm based in Seoul since 2008, stands at the forefront of crafting dynamic spaces. With a focus on comprehensive architecture, interior design, project management, and construction supervision, they bring expertise to every project. Libertine in Itaewon showcases their commitment to creating an atmosphere that resonates with the brand’s essence.

William Craig from Discursive Form: The Artistic Touch

As the artist/designer behind Discursive Form, Will Craig infuses technology and creativity into his designs. Currently located in Seoul, South Korea, Craig’s diverse experience spans architecture, fashion, set design, furniture, interactive design, live performances, conference organization, fine art, and lighting design. His Master’s in Advanced Architecture and Design from Columbia University, along with other degrees, reflects his dedication to innovation.

Libertine Bar & Kitchen: An Oasis in Itaewon’s Madness

In the heart of Itaewon, where weekend nights pulse with energy, Libertine stands as a respite. Just three minutes south of the station, it offers a classy escape from the bustling crowd. The interior, reminiscent of Old World New York, boasts high ceilings, dark wood, and a beautifully tiled floor. Libertine invites patrons to savor meticulously crafted cocktails and a menu inspired by American flavors, with seasonal delights that captivate the palate.

A Glimpse into the Palate-Charmers

Day or night, Libertine offers a gastronomic experience. From in-house crafted bacon to the slow-roasted Jeju organic free-range roast chicken, each dish reflects obsessive attention to detail. Whether you’re captivating a date over drinks or meeting family for brunch, Libertine is a solid choice, combining ambiance and culinary excellence.