Posted on Jul 18, 2014

Capturing Nike Gangnam: A Photographic Glimpse into Seoul’s Premier Sport Brand Store

Embark on a visual journey through Nike Gangnam, Korea’s largest sport brand store, spanning 19,375 square feet in the vibrant Gangnam district. Join Nils Clauss, a Seoul based photographer, as he shares a documentary perspective in this exclusive showcase.

Illuminating Design Excellence

Clauss turns his lens towards the meticulous details of Will Craig’s lighting design—a 24-foot chrome chandelier representing Nike’s running, basketball, and football innovations. The images offer a factual glimpse into the seamless integration of technology and creativity, reflecting Discursive Form‘s vision.

Behind the Lens: Nils Clauss

Nils Clauss, an accomplished Seoul based photographer with expertise in capturing architectural, fashion, and design nuances. Holding a MFA in cinematography, Clauss contributes a composed perspective to this collaboration with Nike, ensuring each photograph narrates a story beyond the surface.

Gangnam’s Architectural Canvas

The store’s facade becomes a canvas for Clauss’s lens, featuring Nike’s running, football, basketball, sportswear, SB, and Jordan divisions. The photographs provide an objective representation of the store’s expansive two-story design and product offerings.

Sustainable Symbolism

The centerpiece, captured through Clauss’s lens, symbolizes Nike’s commitment to sustainability, featuring wood flooring recycled from Korea University’s basketball court. The images highlight the brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

Narratives in Photography

Each photograph unfolds a chapter in the Gangnam store’s narrative, including a mural by Yoon Hyup inspired by Korean footballers and the dynamic women’s training products. Clauss’s lens captures the convergence of art, sport, and sustainability, providing an objective documentation of the cultural amalgamation.

Immersive Visual Documentation

Immerse yourself in this visual documentation, offering insight into the innovation, art, and dynamic spirit of Nike Gangnam. Join Nils Clauss on this photographic journey through Korea’s largest sport brand store, a testament to Seoul’s vibrant culture and his precise artistic vision.