Posted on Jun 19, 2014

Seoul based Filmmaker Photographer: Nabi’s 7th Encounter Night

A heartfelt acknowledgment to Art Center Nabi for orchestrating an unforgettable event! The 7th Encounter titled “Gol, Alleys and Cities” unfolded on the SK Building’s rooftop, soaring to the 36th floor last Thursday. With nearly 200 participants, the enthusiasm for the talk was extraordinary. Special thanks to the creative team head, curator Jaewon Choi, and Yoonseo Kim. Their invaluable support and ideas, made this night truly exceptional.

Nabi’s 7th Encounter: GOL, ALLEYS AND CITIES

Art Center Nabi proudly presented the 7th Encounter, themed “Gol, Alleys and Cities,” featuring Nils Clauss, a versatile filmmaker and photographer, and Robert J. Fouser, a distinguished professor at Seoul National University. On June 12, 2014, the event unfolded on the rooftop of SK’s headquarters in Jongno 1-ga. It offered a unique perspective on Seoul’s panoramic views from the 36th floor. The evening also showcased Nils Clauss’s video works, capturing the intricate backdrops of the city.

A Night of Exploration: Encounter with Nils Clauss

As the sun set on June 12, 2014, participants were treated to an exploration of Seoul’s east, west, north, and south from the 36th-floor rooftop. Nils Clauss’s video works provided a visual journey through the city’s diverse landscapes. Prior to the main event, Professor Robert J. Fouser shared captivating cityscape storytelling, setting the stage for an enriching experience. The event, held on the roof of the 36th floor, provided an unprecedented perspective of Seoul.

Event Details and Application

Date: June 12, 2014, Thursdays 19:30-21:30 Venue: Art Center Nabi (4F of SK Headquarters Building 26, Jongno-gu, Seoul) Application: Pre-email reception ( Participation: Free for the first 100 people on a first-come, first-served basis (including name and contact information).

On behalf of Art Center Nabi, the event was meticulously planned by Choi Jae-won (Head of the Academy of Arts Research) and Kim Yoon-seo (Academy of Arts Research). For inquiries, contact 02 2112 930. Note: No parking space is available; please use public transportation.

The Encounter Program: A Monthly Artistic Feast

Art Center Nabi’s “Encounter” series, a monthly project initiated in December 2013, invites creators breaking boundaries and bridging East and West cultures. The series began with a silent film adaptation and has since featured diverse talents in rap, visual arts, language, music, jazz, and typography. Each encounter is a unique blend of exhibitions, lectures, and performances, aiming to realize practical and public values for society. The events are scheduled on the second Thursday of every month at Art Center Nabi.

Conclusion: Join the Monthly Artistic Journey

The 7th Encounter Night with Nils Clauss and Robert J. Fouser stands as a testament to Art Center Nabi’s commitment to artistic exploration. As a filmmaker and photographer based in Seoul, I find immense inspiration in these encounters. Join the monthly artistic journey, exploring the convergence of film, photography, and urban narratives in the heart of South Korea.