Posted on Jun 11, 2014

Celebrating ‘Moonchild’: A cinematic Music Video made in Seoul with Genero Recognition

We are excited to announce a remarkable achievement for our latest cinematic venture, the music video for M83‘s “Moonchild.” After being named a finalist in Genero‘s prestigious music video competition, we are proud to share that the video has further garnered recognition. Moonchild secured a place as one of the 5 Runner-Ups in Genero‘s Best of the Year competition for 2013.

This accomplishment is a testament to the collaborative efforts invested in the creation of “Moonchild.” The video’s selection as a Runner-Up highlights the seamless synergy between music, visuals, and storytelling. This is a resonance originating from Seoul, South Korea.

Embarking on a Cosmic Odyssey

Against the backdrop of this recognition, we invite you to join us on a cosmic odyssey with the release of our latest cinematic venture: the music video for M83’s “Moonchild.” This sci-fi influenced piece promises an extraordinary journey through imagination and visual effects. It narrates the dream of a young girl finding herself in outer space. Once in danger she wields her mesmerizing ray gun against evil aliens.

Architectural Alchemy Behind the Scenes

Collaborating behind the scenes with visionary interior designer Will Craig from Discursive Form, renowned for his work at Seoul’s iconic Club Mute, added a profound depth to the project. Craig’s artistic vision seamlessly merged architecture with cinematography, breathing life into the outer space scenes.

Genero Recognition: A Milestone in the Journey

While we celebrate the Genero recognition, we also express our sincere appreciation to everyone involved in making “Moonchild” a reality. This achievement is a result of collective dedication and creativity, marking a significant milestone in our cinematic journey. We look forward to continuing to share our cinematic endeavors and embracing new opportunities in the future.

Diving into M83’s Sonic Universe

Delve into the sonic universe of M83 through the song “Moonchild.” The French electronic music group, celebrated for their dream pop, new wave, and ambient soundscapes, provided the perfect backdrop for the celestial journey depicted in our video.

The Essence of Seoul’s Cinematic Craft

As dedicated Seoul music video filmmakers, this project holds a special place for us at CONTENTED. Music videos like these allow us to encapsulate the essence of our craft. We eagerly anticipate sharing this cinematic experience and express our heartfelt appreciation to all those who contributed to bringing “Moonchild” to life.