Posted on May 13, 2016

Exploring the Emotional Bond: Seoul Cinematographer shoots Kim Joo-hwan’s Short Film to Court Métrage in Cannes

Experience the poignant narrative of KIM JOO-HWAN‘s short film, RETRIEVER, shot by Director of Photography, Nils Clauss. This remarkable film has earned a spot in the COURT MÉTRAGE (Short Film Corner) at the prestigious FESTIVAL DE CANNES. The film is scheduled for display between May 16th to May 22nd, 2016. For further screening information please follow this link.

The Heartwarming Tale of “Retriever”

In the bustling streets of Seoul, Ri Kwang (Moon Seon-yong), a homeless Korean-Chinese, embarks on an unexpected journey. He decides, “I want to raise a dog.” The film beautifully captures the transformation of this mere desire into a heartfelt commitment.

A Journey of Sincerity

Ri Kwang acquires a dog from an abandoned center, selling it to a health facility. The story unfolds as Ri Kwang, initially motivated by financial gain, discovers the true essence of companionship. His refusal to accept an unjust price for an old guide dog becomes a pivotal moment. This marks the beginning of a sincere connection.

Unveiling the Layers

RETRIEVER delves into the depth of emotions as Ri Kwang grapples with unexpected challenges. From feeding stolen chocolate to the shocking hospital visit, every scene adds layers to the narrative. The film serves as a powerful commentary on our perception of abandoned animals and the resilience of the human spirit.

Director Kim Joo-hwan’s Narrative Brilliance

Director Kim Joo-hwan, known for his youth-centric feature film “Koala” in 2013, masterfully translates his melancholy into a short and impactful creation. This invitation to the 69th Cannes Film Festival’s short non-competitive section is a testament to the film’s smooth shooting and emotionally resonant production.

Communion and Friendship

On the surface, RETRIEVER portrays the bond between humans and animals, yet beneath lies a layered interpretation reflecting society’s stance on homelessness and societal outcasts.


As the film graces the 69th Cannes Film Festival, take a journey through Seoul’s streets and witness the profound connection between a man, his dog, and the vibrant city. RETRIEVER is not just a film; it’s an emotional exploration that challenges perceptions and tugs at the heartstrings.