Posted on Jan 19, 2016

Visualizing Korea’s Industrial Saga: A Cinematic Ode by Vice’s Creators Project

Embark on a profound exploration of South Korea’s industrial narrative through the lens of Seoul based documentary filmmaker Nils Clauss, a distinguished cinematographer associated with VICE CREATORS PROJECTS. This visual journey, encapsulated in Bikini Words, delves into the linguistic legacy of factory workers during the transformative decades of the 1970s and 80s.

The VICE Creators Project Partnership: Revolutionizing Art and Technology

At the core of Bikini Words lies the support of The Creators Project, a global celebration of art and technology. Founded by the revolutionary partnership between Intel and VICE, this platform champions visionary artists utilizing technology to redefine creative expression across various disciplines.

Intel and VICE’s Vision: A Permanent Media Asset

More than just a marketing campaign, The Creators Project stands as a permanent media asset, continually evolving and improving. Intel and VICE have crafted a space where technology meets artistic innovation, changing how the world’s youth interact with technology. The platform’s original YouTube channel has grown exponentially, showcasing emerging artists and original works.

Original Content and Collaborations: Behind-the-Scenes with Today’s Visionaries

The Creators Project’s original content spans behind-the-scenes profiles, music videos, gaming, film, fashion, and live event coverage. It unites over 150 artists globally, collaborating on projects with renowned figures like Spike Jonze, Arcade Fire, and Hussein Chalayan. Documentaries on artists such as Phoenix, Robyn, and Anish Kapoor add depth to the platform’s offerings.

Nils Clauss’s Cinematic Endeavor: From VICE Creators Project to ‘Bikini Words’

Nils Clauss, a prominent cinematographer linked with VICE CREATORS PROJECTS, brings his unique perspective to Bikini Words. This documentary, featured prominently on The Creators Project, uncovers the linguistic nuances that shaped the lives of factory workers in South Korea’s industrial hubs.

Commissioning and Production Insights: A Cinematic Study of Industrial Expansion

Bikini Words originated as a commission from the Geumcheon District Office, Seoul, with the visionary minds of Design Studio Kerb and Urban Intensity Architects. Clauss guides us through the commissioning and production process. He offers a cinematic study of the linguistic evolution accompanying Korea’s industrial growth.

The G-Index and Narrative Building: Linguistic Treasures of the Past

The G-index, discovered by Clauss, becomes the narrative foundation. Compiled by researcher Haeyeon Yoo, this linguistic treasure trove captures the essence of factory workers’ lives in the ’70s and ’80s. The eight carefully chosen words form a thematic core, bridging historical language with contemporary visual storytelling.

Visual Storytelling and Authenticity: Real Spaces and Staged Environments

Clauss shares the challenges and triumphs of visual storytelling, moving between real locations in Geumcheon and the staged environments. The contrast between disappearing historical spaces and an exhibition canvas allows the audience to envision the daily lives of factory workers authentically.

Stylistic Choices and Technical Details: A Cinematic Ode to Industrial History

Clauss’s stylistic choices, from graphic framing in GUCLH to a floating camera in real spaces, create a cinematic journey. The absence of people in certain footage invites the audience to take an imaginary trip back in time, experiencing the industrial history of South Korea through a cinematographer’s lens.

Conclusion and Collaborative Appreciation: Celebrating the Human Spirit

‘Bikini Words’ becomes a testament to Clauss’s collaboration with real factory workers, infusing humor into their struggles. The film stands as an ode to the resilience and spirit of those who shaped South Korea’s industrial landscape. Special gratitude is expressed to all collaborators who made this cinematic journey possible.