Posted on Jan 17, 2016

Capturing Positive Change: Western Union’s Chain of Betters in China

Witnessing the impact of Western Union‘s “Chain of Betters” campaign in Changle, China, was a remarkable experience. Co-directing and shooting alongside Harrison Winter through Co.MISSION Content Group, this project celebrated Chinese New Year by documenting positive change initiated by the campaign.

Changle Chronicles

In the heart of Changle, China, I embarked on a journey as a cinematographer to co-direct and shoot this project for Western Union. The campaign awarded grants to individuals or communities nominated by others, creating a ripple effect of goodwill. Special thanks to the local production team in China, Europe, and Alex Opdam for the exceptional edit.

Western Union’s Chain of Betters

Western Union’s commitment to fostering positive change globally is exemplified through the “Chain of Betters” initiative. This campaign awards grants to selfless individuals or communities, empowering them to bring about lasting change. The impact spans across countries, as seen in projects like providing safe access to schools in India and supporting farmers in Mexico with pedal-powered mills.

Global Economic Impact

Western Union Chief Marketing Officer, Diane Scott, emphasizes the economic ripple effect of global remittances. This movement of money, facilitated by both consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-business (B2B) transactions, plays a crucial role in improving lives worldwide. The Chain of Betters competition celebrates this impact. It acknowledges the ability of individuals to make a difference in multiple places simultaneously.

Nominate Your Better

Legal residents from 20 countries, including China, can nominate individuals or communities making a positive impact. The competition encourages ideas that bring about selfless good deeds, inspire others, and create lasting change. Winners receive grants to turn their ideas into reality, showcasing the power of collective positive action.


As a cinematographer and director based in Seoul, South Korea, capturing the essence of the Western Union Chain of Betters campaign in Changle was not just a project but a testament to the transformative power of visual storytelling. Through the lens, we unfold stories of hope, change, and the interconnectedness of a global community.