Posted on Jun 7, 2013

Nils Clauss: Capturing Tranquility – Instagram Winner of the Week

Nils Clauss, a Seoul based photographer, has reached a significant milestone by being honored as the grand winner in the latest edition of THE WEEKEND WALKABOUT competition. This weekly challenge, juried by some of Instagram’s best, celebrates Nils’s distinctive approach to photography. The jury eloquently described his winning entry as follows: “This is one of those works that keeps drawing you back to it. It has this airy mystery yet also a tranquility.”

Unveiling the Winning Shot

In the heart of Seoul, South Korea, Nils Clauss’s winning photograph stands as a testament to his unique perspective and keen eye for detail. The image has been handpicked by discerning judges on Instagram. It captures a seamless blend of airy mystery and tranquility that resonates with viewers. Notably, the girl in the image played the lead role in the M83 Moonchild music video. Clauss seized the opportunity to capture this award-winning photograph while on set for the music video shoot.

We are proud to share that this music video, a collaboration between filmmaker Nils Clauss and Neil Downling, has also garnered significant recognition. First the music video has been named a finalist in Genero’s prestigious music video competition. Then it also secured a place as one of the 5 runner-ups in Genero’s Best of the Year competition for 2013.

The Weekend Walkabout Competition

The Weekend Walkabout competition is a testament to Nils’s commitment to his craft. His ability to create captivating visuals that draw viewers back repeatedly has earned him the prestigious title of grand winner. This competition, featuring a pool of talented photographers, recognizes Nils’s dedication to his art and his knack for conveying serene moments through his lens.

Instagram’s Best Acknowledges

The esteemed jury, comprised of some of Instagram’s best, was captivated by Nils Clauss’s work. In a world saturated with visual content, Nils’s photograph managed to stand out. It showcases how is able to not just capture moments but emotions.

A Deeper Dive

Let’s delve into the winning shot, dissecting the elements that caught the jury’s attention. The photograph, taken in May, reflects Nils’s daily commitment to his craft. The composition, architecture, and play with natural noises create an immersive experience for the viewer.

Seoul’s Influence

As a filmmaker and cinematographer based in Seoul, South Korea, Nils Clauss brings a unique perspective to his photography. The vibrant city serves as both backdrop and inspiration for his award-winning compositions, adding a distinct flair to his visual storytelling.