Posted on Jun 14, 2013

Rising Star Korea Documentary: A Cinematic Journey through Seoul’s Transformation

Aufsteiger Korea” (Korea on the Rise) is a captivating TV documentary by Juergen Natusch. The film is lensed by Seoul based filmmaker and cinematographer Nils Clauss over 11 days in March 2013 in Seoul. The documentary delves into South Korea’s astonishing journey from a poor agricultural nation to a thriving industrial state in just two generations.

Seoul’s Rise Unveiled: Hyundai and Samsung the emblematic World Market Leaders

In the heart of Seoul, a metropolis with 25 million inhabitants, “Makro” reporter Jürgen Natusch explores the dynamics of South Korea’s turbo rise. Hyundai and Samsung, emblematic world market leaders, have propelled the nation’s prosperity in stark contrast to the impoverished north. This transformation is a testament to the resilience and innovation embedded in Korean society.

Natusch introduces three key figures shaping Korea’s future: young journalist Hyo Jin, who only knows Korea as a modern high-tech state; Professor Lee Kark-Bum, an advocate for flexible working hours and globalization; and Peter Schreyer, chief designer, aiding Hyundai and Kia’s ascent. Their narratives intertwine, providing a multifaceted perspective on Korea’s progression.

The Vision for a Creative Korea: Smart Working and the Mobile Office

Professor Lee Kark-Bum envisions a more globally connected Korea through flexible working hours and reduced commuting time. The mobile office, or “smart working,” aligns with Korea’s goal since 2011. As the economy reaches a turning point, creativity, cooperation, and social progress are paramount.

Conclusion: A new era for South Korea

Jürgen Natusch’s lens captures the essence of Seoul’s transformation. “Rising Star Korea” not only narrates the economic ascendancy but also addresses the societal challenges at this pivotal moment in Korea’s history. Join us in witnessing the dawn of a new era for South Korea.

Premiering on German Television – Friday, 14th of June at 9 pm on 3Sat. For early birds, catch the show again on Sunday, 16th of June at 6:15 am.