Posted on Jul 13, 2012

Design Spotlight: Warehouse Seoul published in “Interiors” Print Publication

INTERIORS, in its latest print publication (Vol. 310, July 2012, p. 94-106), elegantly features the captivating photographs of Warehouse Seoul, a pub & restaurant founded by New Yorker Jason Choi. This establishment, recently rejuvenated by American designer William Craig and German architect Ralf Zabel, underwent a transformative makeover. Nils Clauss, recognized for his keen eye and photographic storytelling, was graciously invited to capture the essence of this redesigned space as a photographer.

Exploring the Transformation: Warehouse Seoul’s New Chapter

In the heart of Seoul, Warehouse takes center stage in INTERIORS’ latest print, showcasing its reinvented aesthetics. Jason Choi’s vision for an affordable yet exquisite dining experience finds resonance in the artistic collaboration between designer William Craig and architect Ralf Zabel. Clauss, as the entrusted photographer, seamlessly translates the design narrative into a visual feast for INTERIORS readers.

INTERIORS Exclusive: A Peek into William Craig and Ralf Zabel’s Artistry

Turn the pages of INTERIORS’ print (Vol. 310, July 2012, p. 94-106) to witness the collaborative brilliance of William Craig and Ralf Zabel. Their creative synergy breathes life into Warehouse Seoul, encapsulating the spirit of Jason Choi’s vision. Clauss’s lens captures the nuances of this artistic fusion, immortalizing the intersection of design, architecture, and culinary excellence.

Documenting Elegance: Nils Clauss’s Photographic Skills

Nils Clauss skillfully maneuvers through Warehouse Seoul, capturing its newly defined elegance. His lens becomes a storyteller, narrating the evolution of this iconic pub & restaurant. The images showcased in INTERIORS’ print are not just photographs; they are a testament to Clauss’s ability to encapsulate the soul of architecture and interior spaces.

Warehouse Seoul: A Visual Journey Beyond the Pages

As you explore the pages of INTERIORS’ latest print, embark on a visual journey beyond the confines of paper. Warehouse Seoul’s design evolution, meticulously documented by Clauss, becomes a captivating narrative. INTERIORS readers are invited to delve into the artistic collaboration that breathed new life into this Seoul-based gem.

Conclusion: Warehouse Seoul in INTERIORS Print—A Fusion of Design and Photography

Warehouse Seoul, now immortalized in INTERIORS’ print (Vol. 310, July 2012, p. 94-106), stands as a testament to the transformative power of design and the artistry of photography. Jason Choi’s vision, brought to life by William Craig and Ralf Zabel, finds its visual counterpart in Nils Clauss’s lens. This print publication opens the door to a visual feast, offering a sneak peek into the harmonious convergence of design and photography at Warehouse Seoul.