Posted on Jul 20, 2012

Nils Clauss: Shedding Light on TEDx Seoul with Photography and Film

Nils Clauss, an award-winning filmmaker and photographer based in Seoul, South Korea, was honored to be invited as a keynote speaker for TEDx Seoul. The event was themed “PLATFORM“. It provided a captivating stage for Clauss to showcase his recent photography and film projects. TEDx allowed Clauss to present the audience his creative vision.

Exploring TEDx Seoul

TEDx Seoul serves as a powerful platform for sharing South Korean ideas globally. It also fosters meaningful connections within the local community. Clauss’s presence at the event exemplified the spirit of TEDx, where ideas are exchanged freely. This sparks dialogue and inspiring social change.

The Essence of TEDx Seoul

As Clauss took the stage at Seodaemun Art Hall, the heart of TEDx Seoul, he joined a diverse lineup of speakers. Each of the speakers had a unique perspective to share. From doctors pioneering health experience design to designers exploring the intangible values of urban spaces, the event was a melting pot of innovation and inspiration.

Nils Clauss: A Creative Journey

After completing studies in Cinematography & Visual Culture across various countries including Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, and South Korea, Nils Clauss has dedicated himself to projects in both film and photography. Often he explores themes centered around urban spaces and architecture. Now based in Seoul, South Korea, his work reflects a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the cityscape and the stories it holds.

Keynote Highlights

During his TEDx Seoul keynote, Clauss presented to the audience glimpses of his recent photography and film projects. From unique music videos to the thought-provoking urban nature series, each piece gave an insight into Clauss’s visual storytelling and his ability to capture the essence of his subjects.

Connecting Through Creativity

TEDx Seoul provided a platform for participants to connect and engage with one another. All this was united by a shared passion for ideas and innovation. Clauss’s presence underscored the power of storytelling to bridge cultural divides and inspire positive change in society.


The invitation to speak at TEDx Seoul on the theme of ‘PLATFORM’ was a notable honor for Nils Clauss. It presented an opportunity to showcase recent photography and film projects. It offered valuable insights into the experiences and perspectives of a filmmaker and photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. This engagement provided a platform for sharing creativity and ideas within a dynamic community.