Posted on Jul 28, 2017

Seoul based Plastic Girls: Vimeo Staff Pick

Exciting news! PLASTIC GIRLS has achieved the prestigious status of VIMEO STAFF PICK, marking the sixth Staff Pick in the last six VIMEO years! Gratitude overflows for VIMEO’s consistent support and the collaborative spirit of fellow filmmakers.

Genesis of the Film

In 2015, designer Hyun Cho invited me to contribute to the SEOUL WELCOMES YOU book project, a part of The 4th International Typography Biennale: Typojanchi 2015. The inspiration came from mannequins scattered across Seoul, leading to the evolution of the thought-provoking PLASTIC GIRLS.

Unveiling the Purpose

As the final installment of my Korea trilogy, PLASTIC GIRLS dives into gender issues, a departure from my previous works. Collaborating with Udo Lee, we explore societal beauty standards and the impact on mannequins in public spaces, challenging the audience to reconsider the male gaze and its role in commerce.

Scripted Interviews and Character Depth

In a departure from its predecessors, PLASTIC GIRLS incorporates scripted interviews to delve into the minds of the mannequins. Characters are molded by societal norms, reflecting South Korea’s beauty standards. Meet Saemi, Rora, Sunny, and Mina, each embodying contemporary Korean beauty expressions.

Harmony of Music

Music, a pivotal element in my works, takes the spotlight in PLASTIC GIRLS. Udo Lee‘s specially composed music enhances the quirkiness of mechanized mannequins, creating a unique audio-visual experience.

Cinematic Approach

Rooted in the theme of space and architecture, PLASTIC GIRLS, akin to its predecessors, captures intimate moments with the underdog at the forefront. The camera, mounted on a gimbal stabilizing device, guides the audience through spaces, forging a firsthand connection.

Challenges and Future Endeavors

Reflecting on the making of PLASTIC GIRLS, challenges arose in locating the original mannequins due to the evolving cityscape and changing business landscapes. Looking ahead, diverse projects, including an opening film for the UIA World Architects Congress and an exploration of North Korean lives in South Korea, are underway.

Embark on this visual journey, exploring the captivating world of PLASTIC GIRLS, a Vimeo Staff Pick and award-winning film. Witness the dynamic storytelling of a cinematographer based in Seoul, South Korea.