Posted on Jul 26, 2017

Unveiling Gender Inequality: Plastic Girls Documentary Explores Societal Critique in Korea

In the concluding chapter of a Korea-based trilogy, Plastic Girls emerges as a unique exploration of gender issues within the societal space. Delving into the sexualization of public spaces through the lens of plastic mannequins, this documentary stands alone while complementing its predecessors, BIKINI WORDS and LAST LETTERS.

Plastic Girls and the Global Perspective on Gender Inequality

Since my move to South Korea in 2005, the disparities in gender equality became apparent in my daily life. Plastic Girls, although rooted in Korean society, aims to address the global concern of the sexualization of public spaces. By choosing plastic mannequins, the film creates discomfort, urging reflection on societal norms beyond national boundaries.

Genesis of Plastic Girls

In 2015, designer Hyun Cho approached me for a book project, leading to the birth of Plastic Girls. The film tackles the unconventional portrayal of mannequins placed in public spaces and evolved from the Plastic Welcomer photo series. The decision to delve into moving imagery was influenced by the human characteristics of the mannequins.

Concept and Objectives of Plastic Girls

As the final installment of my Korea trilogy, Plastic Girls aims to bridge the gap between gender issues and architectural concepts. Unlike its predecessors, this film, guided by composer Udo Lee, takes a more profound approach to express the challenges posed by societal expectations on women.

Scripted Interviews and Character Development

Plastic Girls required scripted interviews, challenging us to delve into the mindset of the mannequins. The characters, conceptualized as products of a society obsessed with beauty standards, reflect the issues prevalent in South Korea’s entertainment industry.

The Role of Music in Plastic Girls

Music has always been integral to my filmmaking, and in Plastic Girls, Udo Lee’s specially composed music sets the tone for the film’s quirky atmosphere. The collaboration between visual and auditory elements enhances the narrative, emphasizing the importance of music in my work.

Filmmaking Approach and Challenges

Plastic Girls follows my core filmmaking approach, placing people at the heart of storytelling. It explores architectural concepts, connecting back to my background in architecture-related photography. The challenges faced during the shoot underscore the evolving nature of the project.

Future Projects

Currently working on the opening film for the UIA World Architects Congress, I continue to explore unique storytelling. As a DoP, recent collaborations include a project exploring the lives of North Koreans in South Korea. CONTENTED remains dedicated to surprising audiences with innovative image films.