Posted on May 19, 2017

Bikini Words: A Seoul based Filmmaker’s Showcase at Green Film Festival Seoul

Recognized as the Best Short Documentary at the Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2016 and the 2016 Lift-Off Season Awards, BIKINI WORDS, an outstanding creation by a Seoul-based filmmaker and director, embarks on its cinematic journey. Witness the convergence of urban life, factory workers’ vocabulary, and sustainable living at the GREEN FILM FESTIVAL (GFFIS). The 14th edition of this Seoul based festival takes place from May 18-24, 2017.

GFFIS: A Cinematic Celebration of Harmony

GFFIS, a cinematic celebration seeking harmony between humans and the environment. The festival unfolds its 2017 edition with 51 green films from 24 countries. This year GFFIS presents a diverse lineup at venues such as Ewha Woman’s University ECC Arthouse MOMO and Samsung Hall. Amongst others, the festival features the work of Seoul-based filmmaker and director Nils Clauss.

SUSTAINABLE LIFE: Exploring Alternative Lifestyles

The SUSTAINABLE LIFE section, a cornerstone of the festival, curates works that explore sustainable and alternative lifestyles. Immerse yourself in a cinematic journey, experiencing 18 films covering themes from healthy living to alternative agriculture. The section addresses vital topics such as extinction, the value of labor, and the fatal nature of toxic chemicals.


BIKINI WORDS shares the screen with MICHELLE LATIMER‘s RISE: RED POWER. Screenings are scheduled for Thursday, May 18th, at 13:30, and Saturday, May 20th, at 17:00 at Ewha Womans University ECC Arthouse MOMO 2 (MM2. Enhance your experience with an insightful guest talk following the Saturday screening.

RISE: RED POWER – Shaping 21st-century Narratives

RISE: RED POWER, a feature documentary, traces the evolution of the Red Power Movement. From the unprecedented Standing Rock occupation to indigenous resistance, the documentary weaves a narrative of a 21st-century battle led by young women and two-spirited youth. Technology plays a crucial role in shaping their story (GFFIS Festival Catalogue).

BIKINI WORDS: Unveiling Factory Workers’ Vocabulary

BIKINI WORDS unravels the new vocabulary born amongst factory workers during South Korea’s rapid industrialization in the 1970s and 1980s. A compelling documentary, it sheds light on the naming of radical aspects of urbanized lives.

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