Posted on Mar 27, 2017

Unveiling Sewol Tragedy: Last Letters by Seoul Filmmaker Director on Directors Notes

Embark on a cinematic journey as Seoul-based filmmaker director, in an exclusive feature on Directors Notes, shares profound insights into LAST LETTERS—a documentary that intricately weaves fiction and reality, unraveling the haunting Sewol ferry tragedy.

Introducing Seoul Filmmaker Director’s Vision

LAST LETTERS, featured on Directors Notes, goes beyond conventional storytelling. Inspired by the URBAN ISLAND Sigur Rós video, this documentary is a crossroads of fiction and reality. Its roots trace back to the filmmaker’s previous work, including the documentary BIKINI WORDS, exploring the vocabulary of South Korean factory workers during the rapid industrialization of the 1970s and 1980s.

Navigating the Sewol Tragedy

Three years after the Sewol ferry incident, the documentary pays homage to the victims and sheds light on the families’ struggles for truth. It’s a call to action for everyone to remember and support those affected. Join the filmmaker director in raising awareness about this unresolved chapter in Korean history, exclusively on Directors Notes.

Collaboration with Composer Levi Patel

The collaboration with New Zealand composer Levi Patel adds a unique layer to the documentary. Levi’s music, featured in SINCE LAST LETTERS, complements the visual narrative, creating an emotionally resonant experience. Both artistically aligned and emotionally invested in Korea, the duo brings a fresh perspective to the Sewol tragedy.

Behind the Lens: A Filmmaker’s Approach

Seoul Filmmaker Director discusses the emotional challenges of documenting the tragedy, emphasizing a balanced portrayal without exploiting the families’ grief. The goal is not just to uncover the truth but also to provide closure and positivity to the participants.

Music’s Role and Visual Storytelling

Reflecting on the importance of music in filmmaking, the director emphasizes its power to enhance mood. Drawing parallels with previous works, the use of music becomes integral, adding depth to the narrative. LAST LETTERS follows the director’s core approach—putting people at the heart of storytelling with exciting visuals and dynamic editing.